March Out Myths

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Adjutant, Feb 12, 2010.

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  1. The Adjt was speaking to a chum the other day about marching out of a quarter where young children have been living.

    Often one hears something along the lines of "If you have young children, marks on the walls (usually in permenant marker, in my case) will be tolerated".

    So today's exam question is

    a) is there any truth in this whatsoever, and if it is,

    b) Is this enshrined in JSP 464 anywhere?

    Grateful for any int.

  2. When you march in make sure you have put down that there are marks and scuffs on the wall, otherwise they will try and bill you for it.

    Get a cleaner in simple as that. You leaving Marker pen on the wall means the person moving in gets a crap quarter.
    If it was decent when you moved in then leave it in that state.
  3. Not heard that specifically. But normally, as long as it is not taking the p1$$ you can generally get away with a bit of Fair Wear and Tear. When we were there the houses were falling down anyway and so did not have to do a huge amount. make sure you put in for plenty of works services between now and moving.
  4. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    This is very wrong - but it worked for me.

    Dog played chew the railings in a quarter, we did what we could to get it back up to spec, but the quarter was old and due for refurb (as stated by the Est Mgr).

    My trick was a pair of Asbachs sitiing on the issue dining room table with a little open note saying thanks to all of the Estate management team for giving me a great march in (it wasn't) and for the support during my posting there.

    Funny old thing. No dramas at all on march out and a clean bill of health. Total cost = €18.

    Job Jobbed.
  5. DS Answer to both a & b is NO
  6. not really answering your question, but my 1st ever march-out, from Chatham (shudder) went along the line of;

    Me- So how does a march out work then

    Kiddie Fiddler- Easiest way, guvnor, is you pay me 50 nicker, for the cleaners, and it's a guaranteed march out.

    Me- Sounds fair enough, cash?

    KF- Luvvly jubbly, apples n pears, jellied eels etc etc etc

    obviously I was well aware that "the cleaners" was Fiddler and his Mrs, at best, pushing a hoover around, but hey, it was a shi* quarter, and I actually left it better than when I got it, seeing as the "utility room" had no power, water or drainage when I moved in, and did when I left.
  7. Become a Mason - should solve most problems with the SSO´s department.
  8. I've mentioned this before on another march out related thread,so apologies if you have read it before.

    A chap from my old platoon had his new wife convinced that you literally had to march out of your quarter.
    He had her doing drill in the front room for a week before the inspection just in case "she showed him up in front of the other pads"
    Poor cow.
  9. Not MQ related but the old 'webbing' yarn was a good'n. 58 (?) pattern of course :D