March in London

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Acid_Tin, Apr 8, 2005.

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  1. I know that there is a thread elsewhere about all this (sponsored heavily by A_S) but my goldfish-like attention span only lasts for 3 pages of threads, so...

    I have my own views about this whole issue, but it has been a very well managed campaign. :D

    The article is on p10, by the way...
  2. March in London - which calendar are you using Calypso? :D

    Seriously, whilst from a sentimental point of view, it's a shame that some of the old names are going to disappear the process of amalgamation and disbandment of regiments has taken place since the army was first organised and there is no reason why everything should be set in concrete now. I do think it's important that the regimental system survives, because it is a very good way of getting officers and soldiers to think of themselves as part of a specially identifiable 'family' but equally, it needs to adapt so it doesn't become a millstone around the army's neck. Sad to say, I think this march will prove futile and is probably mistaken anyway.
  3. Thanks for raising it again.

    good luck guys.
  4. A_S, I realise that the Save The Scottish Regiments campaign feel some obligation to prospective candidates who have supported them in the past, but I am puzzled as to how they have reached some of their tactical voting recommendations.

    I see that they recently endorsed an SNP candidate in a constituency where he really has no chance of ousting the ultra-loyalist sitting Labour MP, but the Lib Dem candidate has.
  5. I think it is because the libs have not promised to save the regiments (like the tories and SNP have), therefore they dont see why they should support them. (willing to be proved wrong here by PTP if he knows better :D ) But other than that, i must admit some of the decision making leaves a lot to be desired but their hearts are in the right place.

    PS, here is all i can find in their manifesto regarding defence

    Libdem policies
  6. Whilst i respect the opinion of those who dont oppose the amalgamation/regimental losses, i would draw your attention to this article...

    Admitedly taken from Save the scottish regiments
  7. A_S, I wasn't trying to pick a fight, and I don't doubt I would feel mortified if my Regiment was getting the chop, but I think we need to look forwards now. I think the reorganisation of the infantry is a good thing; I think the cutting of infantry bns from the orbat is a bad thing.
  8. I hope these people know what they're doing. If they fail - and there's a high chance they will - they're dooming soldiers in these new regiments to a decade of low morale.
  9. I quite agree with what you have said, but still feel that abour must be punished for the regimental cuts, after all it was them who sent these regiments to iraq and then after servining honourably (like the rest of HMforces) they lay down plans to disband some of them and then merge the rest.

    This decision was approved (if not taken) at cabinet level and as such i feel they must be made to pay for it. Granted, you may be right that it is past the point of no return, but hell why cant we (supporters of the save the regiments) take some of them (Labour MP's) with the soldiers being laid off?


  10. Any lower than it would be without people trying to save their proud history and traditions?

    The MOD know that if they do merge the regiments that recruitment will take a real dive north of the border. Therefore i dont see how it could be any worse than if they didnt protest.

  11. Good point.
  12. Why has nobody thought to reduce the LOAMSHIRES to a single battalion regiment and amalgamate it with 1 WARMINSTER RIFLES, already a single battalion entity but both recruiting from the same heritage, catchment areas?

    I suspect this is because too many of the top brass served, albeit briefly, in one or more command appointments in these war-dodging formations...we should be told.
  13. MS_Rep

    MS_Rep RIP


    Loamshires = PWRR :)

    1 Warminster Rifles = 1 BW :)

    War dodging? Hmm mebbe not :wink: :wink:

    But we know what u mean :wink: :wink:
  14. I believe the plan is to amalgamate the Loamshires with the Blankshires and the Warminster Rifles to form a kind of 'A303' super-regiment. No name has been decided on yet.
  15. MS Rep - you obviously either failed to attend or at least pay attention at the School of Inf/LWC

    Chickenpunk - on the money my dear old fruit! I'd quite forgotten the BLANKSHIRES, although they tended to be an administrative course regiment e.g. court martial duties or SFA, rather than "1WR will dig in..erm..ah yes, just here in the SHAFTESBURY GAP." "Will we have RE support sir?" "No, just use one of the several zillion existing trench systems from previous MAPEXs nd BBGTs Carruthers..." warry courses.