March in London on April 12

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CharlieBubbles, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. I have heard that there is to be a march on the 12th April in London for "Support the Troops" although the Met Police have conformed it, I can't get any other details or contacts?

    We are ourselves going to arrange a march in June all being well to highlight the lack of care in the NHS by the NHS for those with Combat PTSD. We are all aware that CS do a bloody fine job and other military charities the same but WE feel it is time get get into the FACES of the political classes, the press have said they are intersted and I'm sure there will be hundreds of tourists from all over the world, many from the USA and Australia where they take very seriously their responsibility of caring for those who WAR have BROKEN both PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY.

    So any details for said march on the 12th please?
  2. Who are they I wonder, what a wonderfully uplifting goal they have...

    Listen to the people AND ban all protest, hows that going to work then?
  3. Haven't had a day out in the smoke for a while, a bimble round and a few pints could be just the ticket.
  4. Slightly disingenuous use of language there CQMS - after the bold insert "hate towards our brave troops.!

    Edited once to get the quote right.
  5. unashamed bump
  6. I was merely remarking upon the paradox of demanding that the government listen to the people demanding that the government ban the arguement of the people.

    These unspeakable idiots have as much right as you or I to express their opinion, when we start banning things is the time to worry.
  7. Agreed.

    Whilst I would be happy to waste a couple of thousand rounds of link on the soap dodgers, banning any form of speach leads you down a very dark and slippery road.
  8. Why are they soap dodgers? They are marching to ask for legislation to BAN hate protests against out troops. Hardly soap dodger angst surely?
  9. Indeedy. This campaign is a bit wooden. Well intentioned no doubt but an own goal.

    Let them protest for all they're worth. Why wouldn't we want to hear their views?