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  1. Just got my rejection notice for 2013 VLM so have consoled myself with entering 2013 Milton Keynes Marathon. Any other takers? Did it last year and, weather aside, enjoyed it.
  2. So you do use your photo as an avatar.
  3. Yep. In an all in one outfit
  4. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Must be alot of roundabouts; don't you get dizzy?
  5. Surely the concrete cows get in the way as well!
  6. Roundabouts yes. Concrete cows moooooved
  7. terroratthepicnic

    terroratthepicnic LE Reviewer Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Runners

    Why don't you go for the Paris, it's the week before the VLM. That way you get to train with all the VLM runners and feel part of the "it" crowd.
  8. Can go to Silverstone, do half the distance with VLM runners and feel part of "it". Did MK last year so opted for a repeat.