I've never done a full marathon before only a few half marathons. The London marathon is the obvious one to try but have been looking further afield at Paris or Berlin.

Has anyone done any of these and would recommend any for the experience? I loved the atmosphere from start to finish on the Great North Run!
Did Munich- it was ace- the Englischer Garten was a lovely green middle-section, it's a tiny bit later in the year than Berlin, and there're loads of army to pit yourself against. Also, I'd never been there, so it's a pretty good way of looking around the city...
I've never run an official race of any sort, but I'm training for a local marathon at the min. Apparently, the ones to try are London and New York. New York is on this coming weekend, so probably the right time to apply for next year.
Paris is flat, I've done it 4 times (and London and Venice once each) and signed up for the next one. There are 6500 places left, it's first come first served. If you do sign up have a look at the Paris Marathon thread on Runner's World, it's one of the best. Lots of info for those considering signing up. Loads of Brits run it, there is a great atmosphere. But start saving for your post race beers now !
Done 9 Londons and 1 won't get into London now unless you take a Charity place up and you have to raise approx £2k for them. Milton Keynes are doing a marathon next year, end of April, you'll get into that one ok and I imagine it'll be pretty flat.
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A friend of mine is running the MK marathon, and the route does look pretty good, but it's not exactly flat (ok, not compared to somewhere like Edinburgh). It is local though, so I might give it a shot, although the Corps OSC is around that time next year, and other things might interrupt training for it.


I've never done one either but have entered Loch Ness for the end of next September. I only know from what I've read on reviews but it is apparently small compared to other marathons but scenic and friendly. A few wee hills from what I've seen too so an added challenge.

In the middle of nowhere at the top of the UK granted... but my idea is that when I collapse unconscious on the finish there will be no TV cameras to broadcast it to the rest of the UK like may happen in places like London :)
I 'ran' my first ever marathon this year in Berlin. I would definitely recommend it, in fact I will be there again on 30th Sept 2012. The organisation is first rate, there are plenty of enthusiastic spectators and live music around the course, and lots of banter with fellow runners, an amazing atmosphere all round. If you book flights and hotels early then it's not too expensive to spend the weekend there. I stayed a couple of days after and enjoyed a bit of sightseeing and a few beers (well it would be rude not to). There were plenty of Brits there too, I noticed a few ABF and H4H shirts on the way round.


Like you I have only done a few half marathons (2xSilverstone, 1xBristol, 1xOxford and 1xBle heim Palace). I am signing up for the Milton Keynes Marathon in April 29th. Good luck though. Maybe you should try looking at Ultras as well.
I've done a fair few halfs but only one full, the London. Agree with previous posters re getting in for 2012.

I've done the Nottingham 1/2 and it's a great atmosphere but the full marathon shares the course with the 1/2M, which means after running 13 miles with plenty of other runners and crowd support, you're left running the 2nd 1/2 very strung out with much less crowd. I'm informed it's very hard for the morale. Go for a full marathon only run is my t'pennth of advice.
Berlin is brilliant, though I've only done the old course before the Wall came down (4 times, though).

Very well organised and flat.

The finish in the 80s was on the Ku'damm by the Blaue Kirche. You got your medal, then tables of drinks and bananas, then the Berlin School of Physiotherapy, all female, two to a camp bed to sort out your legs (finishing early gave you the luxury of choosing where to go), then hot showers in the street in army tents outside the KaDeWe. Being Berlin, the next runner to join me in the showers was a fit young German woman.

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Thanks for the advice. Already trying to convince the wife to go to Berlin for the weekend for my birthday (not mention the marathon yet).

What are ultras - not a wah if it is an obvious answer! I'm not a great runner I need the next 10 months to prepare if I do sign up for Berlin as Paris is a bit too soon unless I go for 2013!
Ultras are any race further than 26.2 miles although the most common distances are 50k, 50 miles, 100k and 100 miles.

Have heard nothing but good things about both Berlin and Paris marathons. Not done either myself though, a lot of other races on my list I want to tick off first.


If you look on Runners World there are a few threads that do give excellent advise on training, runs and the best courses. Also some of the members on here are very experienced and have helped me with advice.

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