Marathon training

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by MSI64, May 13, 2006.

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  1. Have for some strange reason volunteered myself for a marathon in September, Have done very little Phys for sometime now (two sessions a week)
    Rather than go straight in and thrash myself can anyone give me any training advice.
    Am 36 and generally run a 1030 BPFA.
  2. I think polar did one recently, he'd be best to talk to. Many online sites have good training regimes you can follow for given times.

    Easiest one is decide on a time, say 1:45, work out how many minutes that is per mile, then run at that pace for 2 miles say. Two days later do it again. Then increase it by 1/2 mile increments everytime you stop struggling at the previous distance. You've got loads of time to get fit, so take it easy.
  3. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    There is an enormous amount of help, encouragement and support at

    Try their Q & A section for a starter

    Which one you doing, is it here in UK or overseas ?

    If you are not running for a charity would you consider running for Combat Stress please ?

    I've run four marathons so far and have yet to crack 4 hrs - still hoping !

    You'll enjoy it - honest ! :wink:

  4. Ello

    Yes , did the London Marathon , it was hard even with all my training

    Goaty is right, the runners world site is the best, I used training schedules off there, took 3 months or so and according to my medal I came 26th
  5. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    guys you've shamed me into getting my running shoes for a wheeze around !
  6. Thanks for all the advice ,have started running three miles every night and will up it by one mile every week that should do the trick, wish me luck for September Will let you know how i do.
  7. I'd start running every other night first but I suppose it depends on your base level of fitness

    Which marathon BTW ?
  8. New forest Marathon am paying 20 quid to thrash myself nearly to death Going to have one day off a week from training.
  9. I did a Marathon last week for the first time...... got 5 hours (bad time)

    BUT I only trained a week for it and a single 4 mile run was all the training I did...

    But hey! It was a PB!
  10. Firstly best of luck MSI64 it is an awesome experience enjoy.
    Glad to hear that you have started your training, nothing beats getting the mileage under your belt.

    Will agree with all that has been written above and will second the recommendation to RW website.

    My own thoughts and experience have taught me five valuable lessons:

    1) Disciplined training, going out 3-4 times a week
    2) Vary your sessions, use speed work and hill sessions to spice up the training
    3) Recovery, have lots of days off and don't over do it. Cycling and swimming are good alternatives.
    4) Stretching, warming up and down is one thing, but focus on legs and in particular knees and ankles.
    5) Taper down to the race and consider treating yourself to a sports massage before and after (keeps you limber then helps recovery)

    Diet, nutrition, hydration and loads of other stuff come in to the equation.
    But most importantly crack on and enjoy
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    I've done the New Forest Half three times now. The Full Marathon course has a short offroad section I believe. Couple of proper hills, scenic, well-supported.

    er....not the easiest course to pick for your very first 26 miler.....good luck and let me know if you fancy raising some money for Combat Stress at the same time !

    They're still looking for runners for the London 10 K SUNDAY 2ND JULY if you fancy it as a workup race. I'm doing it and will try and persuade a mate who missed out on the FLM this year to have a go too.

    The delicious Rosie Gibbons has 18 places for the race and would love to hear from some fit, macho young soldiers ( instead of elderly crocks like me! ).

    HER PHONE NUMBER IS 01372 841616

    Lee Shaver
  12. Ok first weeks training out of the way Tommorow my day off all is well and I feel great, however can anyone tell me if its normal for your kidneys to hurt when you start training hard?
  13. If you are 3 months away from the marathon and have no previous long distance experience please do not make the mistake of setting yourself an unrealistic target. Your aim must be to complete the 26 miles and have enjoyed the experience, not to break a time barrier, it is natural to have expectations but make them realistic.

    Two main ingredients you will need over the following weeks. Consistency and progression. In other words run a little every day as opposed to long runs infrequently. If you do then you'll progress and be able to increase your workload. Running would become a habit and your body would become used to it.

    Lastly, plan walking breaks during the marathon even as early as the first couple of miles or so. A 30 second saunter will work wonders at every drinks stop and allow you to consume your fluids properly. Regarding your expectations again, if you cannot help setting yourself a time target then work the walking stops into it. Add them all up and you may find yourself with what you or others consider a slow time, say 5-6 hours but if that is what it tkaes then that is what it must take - it's not important. Be sensible about it and you'll be fine. 26 is only a number. Good luck.
  14. Thanks very much for the advice am not really looking at a time just want to complete it, we are going to drive the route over the weekend just to have a look.
  15. If you are not going for a time then that is actually a good thing in a way. You should avoid any silly fast starts.