Marathon training - 2010

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Goatman, Jan 27, 2010.

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  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Right then folks....

    so who has a place for the ...ahem...VIRGIN London Marathon this year then?

    Anyone suffering the Marathon des Sables this year ?

    Who's doing Paris ?

    - oooh, I know, I know....ME and .dolly and FairMaid O'Perth....HUZZA! :highfive: ....anyone else ?

    Tell us how the training is going, what kind of time you're aiming for, what work-up races you have booked, where to buy the cheapest Vaseline....whatever :)

    Where: Paris 11 April -
    Time: (just get round)
    Work ups : local 10K , possibly FLEET or Bath Half, Mad March 20
    Cheapest Vaseline: Aldi
    Best real running emporium: Alexandra Sports Cosham (10% discount with MoD 90)

    I need to hear how well everyone else is doing - running mojo at a low ebb!

    Don Cabra
  2. hola,

    well for my sins I am doing the VIRGIN London marathon again this year, am trying to get under the 4 hour mark.

    as training events go I have booked Stafford 10km, Brighton half marathon and Hastings half marathon.

    am looking at doing an ultra marathon in the grand canyon at the end of sept 78m in 24 hours depending on how things go!!

    I did the trollers trot last year in training for London but I think it was a little too much before the big day

    hope everyones training is going well
  3. I want to pop my cherry but struggling to find one that fits into my calendar. Left it too late for Edinburgh, thinking of Riga. Should be around 3.45 if I pull my finger out. Will try to stick to a program but work makes it a bit difficult. Will look at distance on a Sunday combined with fartlek/speed in the week. Doing the Friskney half 23rd April. Flat as a witches tit!

  4. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Guid Mon XNer,

    best of luck.

    Funnily enough lass at work is training for the Brighton Marathon (coerced by her daughter) - and will be doing the Hastings Half as a trg is a bit hilly she says.

    I was deterred by the rain today - paid the barber his search fee for a haircut instead. :D

    (Running mojo depleted.....must....try....harder....urrgh)
  5. I'm down for Edinburgh as my first, with Inverness half as a lead in. Chest infections, snow and ice, and work have all severely limited my training so far this year, but the mileage is still ticking over nicely. Now for some speedwork.... As it's my first, running the whole thing is the main effort but all being well I should be capable of sub 4.30.
  6. Mrs Pig and I are doing the VIRGIN London marathon, I am aiming for a sub 4 hr whilst the mrs would like a sub 4.30. We are raising money for the British Legion.

    Training wise we both did a half marathon on Dec 27, the telford 10k, and are booked in for the Ironbridge Half in March, Muller Market Drayton 10k whenever that is and the Milford 21, which is around Cannock Chase. damn fine training as it is rather undulating.

    We have both done a marathon before, mine was the Wolverhampton marathon in 2008, and she did the Anglesey marathon last year. I was injured with groin strain and runners knee so baled out of that one.

  7. Hmmm I seem to be in reverse training mode this year, already on the carb loading and hydrating like mad, but don't think chocolate and alcohol will do the job ...... training for Army v Navy perhaps?

    Seriously, training is very slow this year, apathy and old age taking over. Did a 10.7 miler on Sunday and a couple of 4 milers since. Need to get another long one in this weekend, possibly some hill work.

    No races planned except Paris Half in March, but hopefully doing regular Sunday long runs with group of colleagues. Unless you come up with a cunning plan :lol:

    ps Chickadee, Calton Hill and The Mound are good for hill work!
  8. Cheers fairmaid, I bet that hurts! Fortunately for me, that's the wrong end of the M8, so I won't be tempted in a moment of madness... I'll stick with Kelvingrove Park I think!
  9. Wise move! But you do get a cracking view from the top .....
  10. Yes, of the junkies and rent boys you've had to slalom round on the way up! Not that Kelvingrove is much better in that respect to be fair.
  11. Never seen that, maybe 6h30 is too early for them!

    Did a run in Bois de Boulogne on Sunday am, no hookers but plenty of used condoms yuck :roll:
  12. Want to do London again, not this year thoug, promotion course 2 weeks before. Reckon I could beat my PB now I'm not on shift and can afford a gym membership for the long dark winter nights
  13. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    hmmmm.....with that in mind I've just coughed for an initial 3 month membership at our local David Lloyd......lovely facility (but...$£$..ouch)

    So, I'll be playing squash and swimming when I can for a bit of cross training ( but usually stop squash a month before the event.....silly to get damaged at the wrong time....)....sadly, there is no substitute for pounding pavement.
    I hate treadmills......never been much of a gym bunny - what else is good for core strength then ? (apart from perving lycra-clad yummy mummies of course)

    PS - FMP, 'cos the sun shone on the Great South I'm giving up alcohol for Lent ( dear God)......this may seem a little extreme but hey....please tell me Paris is AFTER Easter Day ?
  14. Pilates and swiss balls.

    No sniggering at the back now....
  15. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Chickadee - good luck with the running....Inverness Half sounds fun but it's nearly too far North ( Wick 10K anyone - the wind in your face all the way round the circular course :-D )

    Erin Dawes does Pilates.....don't fancy a club induction on Saturday...we'll see what they say there.

    Have you joined a running club ?

    One of the Top Ten Tips for people trg for a big event from Runners World...still haven't managed it !