Marathon des Sables

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by codhead582, Dec 25, 2005.

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  1. Guys,
    A mate has asked me to do the Marathon des Sables with him in 2007. Sounds like a good idea and I've said yes. Has anyone out there done it before and got any admin and or training tips for tackling this "wee jog, it'll be like running on a beach"?


  2. I am looking at doing it myself, so anything that you do find out, please post it.
  3. Hi there,

    I saw this thread and thought that you might like to read a British mans experiences of the Marathon Des Sables 2005.

    There is an email link at the bottom of his page where you can contact him with any questions.

    Ben Hammersley Expeditions Marathon Des Sables
  4. Did it in 2001-most important thing is a sense of humour....

    Feel free to e-mail me with any questions you have and I'll do my best to answer them!
  5. Have a look here you'll find loads of people who've done it.

    You'll need some parachute silk to make gaters - keeps the sand out of your shoes.
  6. Done similar races but not MdS (Yet). The old adage applies Train Hard... Fight Easy...

    1. Load up mileage gently and slowly, overtraining will get you before undertaining.

    2. Eat well.. If you can lose the pounds, its less weight for you to carry around the desert

    3. Think about your CV training, if you can burn oxygen better, you wont need so many carbs

    4. These things hurt... Prepare yourself mentally... 99% is your body telling you to carry on when your body is singing with pain.

    5. Have fun

  7. A Sapper Col completed the course in 2002. PM me for his name if you need it.
  8. You need to sign up NOW as places for 2007 will go really quickly!
  9. MDS is an awesome race - good luck Codhead and Bernie if you get the places for 2007.

    If you need me to lance any blisters feel free to PM me!

    More info here and this one here is a guys story who didn't make it an as officer in the Para's but took this on instead.

    Nucking futters the lot of you (I'm just jealous! ;-))

    Editing to add that this account might be useful as he details each stage and has an open email so you can ping him for advice!
  10. 2007 is full (I believe), with a wait list of about 30, but get your names down as people do drop out due to dieing, divorce or lack of interest...
  11. You can also try the Marathon of Britain this is a 175 mile race crossing the country from Malvern to Nottingham.... in days of 17, 29, 32, 33, 54, 10 miles

    25 miles longer than its nearest equivalent, with no rest day. Awesome.

    I did this last year, doing it again this year, look at

    Oh... and places are limited to 70 and 66 or so of them have gone... So get in quick

    It is run in the 1st full week in September.
  12. On ITV now (Meridian anyway) - doc on event
  13. What MdS or Marathon of Britain ?????