Marathon des Sables 2006

Guys, there is a madman at MW doing the MdS this year, a 6 day, 155 mile foot race accross the Sahara Desert carrying all his equipment resupplied only with water. All proceeds will be going to Exeter House Special School, Salisbury where the son of an AAC Warrant Officer is a pupil, further details can be obtained from the runner on MW 4684 or 01980 784684. Give him a ring and donate generously your hard earned dosh for a good cause or pm me with details and I will pass them on.
Details of the event (with nasty pictures of feet that can only be described a "raw meat") through the following links;
How did he get on?

Any update?
There was a similar AAC madman did it last year. See the journal. Are you sure it's not one in the same?
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