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Marajuana Fields in the UK

Not sure where to put this, so here goes. Whilst travelling down a well known North-South road today, i swear a saw an enormous marajuana field. One that would have made any Afghan proud to have planted it.

Does the government or pharmacutical(sp?) companies have marajuana fields or is some farmer really taking the p1ss????
there was a feild of experimental hemp crops near Dumfries few years ago - looks like the stuff they smoke but has no dope properties, apart from attracting the dopes who were stealing the plants that is!
Apparently they grow it for the fibres or something :?
i don't think this was very secure! It was the field right next to the carriageway!!!!! it was probably something innocent, but it look just like the real thing. As i sped along at 70 and not a mile over guv.....
Yes it's legal.
No dope value just fibres.

Saw a crop being grown some 8 years ago, (Kent)
Better return than Linseed.

So which do you prefer?

Income from a radio mast or from a crop of hemp? :D
well, anyone who happens to be southbound on the A1 near Retford, feel free to look to your left! It's around the new stretch of carriageway that replaced the old roundabout........ :wink:
I don't know about marijuana fields, but round my way it's common practice for the growers to rent a house, lay topsoil on the floors, install heat lamps and bypass the electricity meter.

Every so often the Police helicopter comes by and spots the excessive heat on its FLIR and a bust ensues. The plants are removed and the topsoil is heaped in one of the parking spaces until it is also removed.

For some reason, it's the same house every time. The growers must believe that lightning doesn't strike in the same place twice. Well, it's struck in the same place at least four times so far.

The house has just been let again. Strange that there's no car in the parking space...

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