Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BigGSheff, Jun 11, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone have any useful links for finding UK maps online?
    Looking for something similar to OS Landranger.

  2. IIRC, you can get electronic maps off the Ordnance Survey web site. They give some of their stuff away for free now.
  3. www,

    OS mapping online - in fairly small chunks.

    There are a pile of companies who will also sell you OS digital mapping for the whole UK and software to work with it - plot and print routes, elevation profiles etc. I can recommend Memory-Map software and their mapping down-loads ( but not their GPS units which are utter carp - Garmin for GPS, remains compatible with the MM software.)
  4. Get yourself an invite to Demoniod and search Memory maps there over 23gig of them,all the national parks all proper ordanance survey jobbies
  5. I use Anquet Maps (click) currently selling 1:50,000 OS map whole of UK (minus Norn Iron) at £80 - they also do photomaps (1 mile and 3.3 miles height), 1:25,000 (+ historical) and more.
  6. Some very helpful links, very grateful to the people of ARRSE as always.

  7. Don't the dogging sites give you very good directions?
  8. See you in Wansford, I'll bring a tail lift, Oh, such fun we shall have!
  9. I am still after decent maps of Laos. If anyone can help it will be most appreciated.
  10. Try these:,000/scale&rid=152&tid=1&sid=19&cid=15&vid=0&oid=0&navmode=R

    I will keep looking. I assume you need topos--what scale?