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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by say_again, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. Rumour has it that it's possible to get all the OS maps on disc. Anyone got any ideas where I can order this from, what the part number is etc? Tried going through unit but hit a sea of blank faces.
  2. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    There are civi companies that do this, the one I know of is

    Anquet Digital Maps (50k & 25k series) 1:50,000 and 1:25,000 scale

    they are expensive, £60ish per map, but do come with software to produce routecards and A4 printouts etc.

  3. I got the UK from Sheffield South on a set of 6 CD ROMs a couple of years ago - about £120. Fantastic bit of kit, but I have no idea whether they are available through the QM. Memory map at

    Does fly throughs of planned routes and 3D terrain images. Very Gucci.
  4. You can ask very nicely at the Defence Geospatial gaff. Look on the Army Intranet for details...

    It's free as well!
  5. Get Emule and search for Memory map. Its all there, failing that PM me
  6. What you need is in MATT 5 pack

  7. Ahhhh... so that where the 'Ripper' connection is.

    Good advice though, I have a 'friend' who does something similar. Emule is the best by a long, long way if you want anything like that.

  8. I don't think it is...
  9. You can get digital mapping on Disk through the correct military channels. It's designed for use on BOWMAN so get yourself on an Application Specialist Course where you will learn all about electronic mapping.