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Maps of Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EX_STAB, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. These links and downloads should prove of use to those studying Afghanistan.

    It's a portal page with links to various sites. Some links are broken but there is stuff that is worthwhile.

    What series of maps are being used on the ground at present?
  2. maps, afghan - ha ha - i've got a photo of the command vehicle "maps" we were using - how to turn a 2 mile long covoy round after a wrong turn!! you're not going to get your OS maps out there!!
  3. These:



    For general areas and the Green Zone respectively.
  4. Those thinking of deploying or are deploying to Afganistan would be better thinking of 'Maps Of Africa', especially after the first TIC.
  5. I was expecting that Tactical Pilotage Charts would be in use unless the Royal Engineers have produced more detailed mapping of the Area of Operations.

    Here are the TPCs of Afghanistan:


    TPC G-6D:
    TPC H-7B
    TPC H-8A

    If you want to use them in a GPS package be wary as some have been scanned with slight folds showing in them.
  6. :)
  7. I hope they are better than the ones I used in Norway tears ago! Try working in the snow with black & white maps............
  8. Especially when it was cold and dark :D
  9. They are open source on the internet. I would think the Taliban probably know their way around anyway... :?

    or have I just been wahed? :x
  10. Your average Afghani or Taleban cannot read a topographical map as it makes no sense to them at all. However show them an image map they will tell you who lives in every compound!! Well the Afghani might anyway.

    These days in theatre you will get bespoke mapping products from the Geo Cell, located at every FOB and in the slipper cities of Bastion and Kandahar. Just ask and ye shall recieve. :)
  11. Are these available for training purposes and familiarisation?
  12. Anyone who goes on Recces can pop in and collect some stuff, availability is subject to caveats of course. Speak to the Ops Offr of who you're going with.
  13. Even a fictitious map for training purposes would be helpful I should think. Having navigated in the Sahara with Tactical Pilotage charts I know that a basic grounding in Ordnance Survey products is not really sufficient. I imagine that these operational maps will have many differences to OS and the sooner people can get a look at them the better. If you consider how little training time the TA soldier gets something like this that is either out of date or of no military use to an enemy would be a great training aid.

    The cost of doing this must be negligible.

    Maps of UK training areas made up in the same style would be useful for people to compare with and get used to using UTM grids for example.....
  14. Is it still true that the most dangerous person on ops is an Junior Officer with a map, a compass and some men and vehicles?

    On a serious note;

    INSIGHT TRAVEL MAP ( do a good range of maps (thier 1:14000000 map of India, covers road routes in to Afghistan via Pakistan and the North West Frontier).

    I purchased this map to work out a railway route into Afghanistan from Pakistan.
  15. I can remember getting a map with a grid and the Words "Lack of relief data" printed in the centre, nothing else ,North Africa in the 60s