Maps of Aden

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bugsy, Oct 2, 2005.

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  1. I'm looking for old British Army maps of the Aden Protectorate from the 60s. I've had a good butcher's around the net, but haven't discovered any. That's not to say they're not there, it's just that I can't find them.
    Anybody got any ideas?

    Also, did the British Army produce Ordinance Survey maps of the Protectorate? Anybody know?


    If you haven't ever been to Stanfords, it is acknowledged as the world's oldest and leading shop for mapping. It is where the Great Explorers like Thesiger and Scott used to go for their maps.

    Is also sells all sorts of books about cartography, and so if you are looking for something specific like Aden during the 60's, it might well be a good place to start looking. They may well have books on military cartography with all sorts of references and information, including where to go to get this sort of information now.

    You could also try getting in touch with the Imperial War Museum who hold all sorts of things in their Archives. A friend who was doing research for a thesis a few years ago found them very helpful.
  3. Thanks a lot, Bits. Looks like Stanfords will be my first port of call in the morning!

  4. I have a fine collection of maps of Africa... oh bugger, no I haven't the wife's washed my trews again.
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  6. Glad to be of help. I also have a large collection of "F*ck off" tablets, and am happy to send a sample in your general direction. Incidentally, I'm intrigued and strangely aroused by your "amusing" spellings.
  7. Try the Adens Vets site, they do have some maps on the site.