Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by afcass, Oct 25, 2011.

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  1. I did my MAPRIC in 1997. At the time course joining orders recommended the purchase of a civvy navigation book to bring on the course. I duly bought a copy, but lent it out after the course, never to see it again. Does anyone know the title/author?
  2. I do have that one, and it a really good book, but that's not the one. Found my course notes this morning, but no mention of what publication was used.
  3. Cancel my last! Found it. Land navigation by Wally Keay.
    Brilliant book, I was looking to see how it stands up to a new publication, the Ultimate Navigation Manual.
  4. When your new copy arrives, you can use it for revision and to track down the bastard who borrowed and kept your old one?

    That reminds me, I must pop along to the library sometime soon.
  5. Fat chance. The ****** borrowed my camouflage and concealment manuals as well!
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  6. I am hoping that you're not going to say next that he got your missus to give him a lift home as well.