Mapping Trade qualifications to Australian Institute of Management

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Clanbeattie, Jan 10, 2012.

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  1. Has anyone recently mapped their trade qualification using the Australian institute of Management???
    Current I’m a Supply Spec Log, ye a knuckle dragging yardy... and I’m trying to map my qual across but I’m finding it difficult to understand the format??
    If anyone has done this under the Supply & Distribution Manager 133611 could you please offer help?



  2. Mate

    Looks like you fill this form in and pay your $475.

    Appears reasonably straight forward.
  3. Bushmills, maybe I've been looking at it to hard but its the evidence you have to provide??? I cant afford to **** it up as to say.

    Been in to long and to used to army thought I would ask incase anyone has done it, i would even pay to get this done or even to get help with it.

    Cheers again mate...
  4. Watch out for that Australian Institute of Management, it looks a bit like it takes advantage of people wanting to come to Aus if thats what you are after.

    Australia is a big country, expansion of the mines or recently Coal Seam Gas fields into the red heart mean a shortage of logistic people so your skills could be readily needed but I dont know if AIM is the right in.

    TO be honest, I would write a CV which explains your experience and search for some aussie job sites and apply directly rather than giving this company $400. People will pay you to come out here if you find the right job.

    If you are after a logistics job out in aus, drop me a PM, my company (although not my department) might be looking for logistics but i might be able to find a recruitment company who specialises in logistics. They would find you a job with a company who looks to import skills.

    AIM looks like one of those places that offer 'getting ripped' in 4 weeks, of longer lasting sex or lots of other quick wins which prey on the dreams of innocent people.
  5. AIM are dear as poison
  6. Bit harsh on AIM, they are a professional body and a fairly reputable mob (I'm not a member).

    They have been approved by the Aussie Government as the approved professional assessing authority for persons seeking to apply for Skilled Migration as Senior Managers, with the following Australian and New Zealand Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) codes.

    Therefore, they are not spivs who are out to screw you.

    However, it would deffo pay to put in for a few jobs here and see if there are prospects for 457 sponsorship.That way the employer bears all the risks.Give these sites a go as they are probably the biggest in Oz.

    SEEK - Australia's no. 1 jobs, employment, career and recruitment site

    Also make sure you come here for a look before moving the family. Ensure that the Mrs is happy with the decision.

    Also, if you are not planning on moving to a city look on Department of Immigration & Citizenship at the Regional Assisted Migration Program.

    Watch out for immigration agents as many failed the ethics test to be second hand car salesmen!

    I've been in Oz for nearly 20 years and am pretty happy here so best of luck mate.
  7. Probably should've rephrased that. They are reputable but their training courses were pretty pricey. You're right about migration agents too. My wife used to work for one. Back in recruitment now.
  8. Thanks mate, i didn't want the OP to get the wrong idea.
  9. Gents many thanks for the advice thats why I came on here, the sites I will deffo look at. Got told today to give up but me well giving up is shite.

    Bushmills I thank you kind Sir for taking the time to putting yourself out with the advice but I do thank you, now its research and more research and job hunting.

    Many thanks