Anyone else use this for logging their efforts, I use the Blackberry Ap for logging routes and it has proved pretty reliable.
Not familiar with that one. Used Nike+ for a while, have usedvRunkeeper for about two years now.
Yeah I use this, both the app. a nd the website, does seem pretty accurate on my Android, my only gripe is that for current pace its not spot on whilst in use as it seems to lag a bit then over compensate to catch up, it doesn't do it all the time but enough and usually while doing a steady state run, average is spot on tho. Distance seems pretty accurate as when doing the same runs there its usually very little difference in the distance. Basic voice on my droid is pretty pants tho and at times comical.
if i set up an ARRSE group who would join.
Have started using the Adidas Mi Coach and it is a nice easy to use package with clear displays. Its also good for tracking idleness as I haven't been doing much phys last couple of weeks apart from to the off licence and back

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