MapInfo compatable Sat Imagery

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by RTFQ, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. RTFQ



    I'm trying to identify a civvy firm that can provide hi-res recent Satellite/Remote imagery to order, that imagery will then be used in MapInfo as a .TAB file for use in another app. I know sweet FA about GIS, so if anyone knows of a reliable company that are worth using, and can do things schnellish, please PM me.

    Yes, I've googled.

    It's for work, so my organisation are paying for it.


  2. RTFQ


    Yep tried them, still waiting on an answer, but they didn't fill me with confidence.
  3. RTFQ,

    Best bet is a company called infoterra. I have used them in the past to acquire imagery and they are the best in the UK market.
    Europa House
    The Crescent
    Southwood, Farnborough
    Hampshire, GU14 0NL, UK
    T. +44 (0)1252 362000
    F. +44 (0)1252 375016

    Have you tried any of the UK mil agencies to get the imagery?

    Rgds Joee
  4. RTFQ


    Thanks joee, can't use uk mil, but appreciate the details of that company