Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by abs4253, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. Im looking into getting a map case and the ortleib one has caught my eye, but are there anyothers that a worth a look?


  2. Nope ortilib "A4" is the choice of champions , but dont write on it in lumicolour, (Not that you should be marking maps!) It dont come off!!, use a soft make up crayon from your dressing table.

    Theres some bloke knocking ortileb bags out at £18.99 for the XL med thickness bergan liners compared to Cotswolds £28, not sure if he does the mapcases though.
  3. Sh*t! Better cut my A3 one in half. then. H_W's quite right - the Ortlieb ones are excellent, whatever size you choose.

  4. Also useful for crossing electric fences.
  5. If possible check if the one you are after, works when it is wet! When I was working for Arktis, we had a problem that when they got wet the print came off the map, and left itself on the clear bit of the case! :) We had to chnge the material we were using very quickly! lol

    As I said, if possible pay a little bit more, and check the item out in the shop? If it works you havn't wasted your money?

  6. Not an issue with Ortlieb. They're designed to be taken canoeing and are basically completely waterproof. They have a similar roll and velcro closure as their canoe bags. Another advantage is that both sides of the case are transparent, unlike many others, so they don't need to be quite as big.

  7. I have to say, why use a mapcase at all? In my experience they increase the size of your map considerably meaning that it won't fit into the map pocket of your trousers or the zip pocket of your smock. Additionally, if you write on the map case invariably the map shifts slightly inside meaning that the writing doesn't match up with the map. Also, if you need to see another part of the map it means getting the map out of the case, refolding it so that it fits snugly in the case in order to alleviate the problem of slippage and then replacing it, very time consuming. Then you get back from an exercise, throw it in your bergen, and a month later you take it out for the next exercise and the writing is now a permanent fixture on the case and no amount of meths or nail varnish remover will shift it!

    Save yourself some money and buy a large roll of fablon!
  8. I agree with Wenty, on my Cpls course we had some guys hwo rushed out to buy map cases that folded out to the size of a 3rd world principality, very fancy, velcro down each side and every time you wanted to read it it was "riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip, bugger riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip" all the time

    Better of with fablon jiffed from the qm or some of that spray stuff I've seen around, even a bit of omd80 might do the job but does tend to make the map see-thru
  9. can anyone advise me on which assault vest to get, with a bladder or without abd the best one they reckomend
  10. In a mapcase thread?
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer


    They carry the same sort of kit that the Arrse shop used to sell, and at great prices too !
    It's made from full milspec materials and shows a ½ OS at a time.
    There's a pocket for lumicolours and notebook, and the clear section wipes clean - every time.

    Their website isn't fully working yet, only the bergans & webbing pages, but if you send them an e-mail they can get a mapcase off to you for eight quid.

    That's right ... £ 8.00 !

    Can you get a better deal ?

    Didn't think so...
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Understood CaB, but dm187 is a newbie.

    For your vest try here, they are available with hydration pouches, but for flexibility of use I'd go for this bladder pouch here.
    It's insulated, has it's own fold away shoulder straps or can be clipped to the Yoke, Side Pouch.
    It can also be mounted on the Inf bergan behind a side pouch, yet be retrieved at any time.
    Best yet it's only £ 14.95 !

    How does £ 79.95 for a real milspec vest sound ?
  13. Fablon's great for courses or short exercises when you get your maps in advance - fablonning in the field is a bit of nause!

    I have to say the Ortlieb case is a great piece of kit.
  14. Or what about a thick guage polythene bag, map placed inside the end folded over and taped shut, jobs done.
  15. Maybe he means the new Arktis Assault Vest / Map Case comb. Holds all of your ammo, water, FFDs etc and is entirely see through. Holds an entire 1:50,000 map around your torso. Probably.