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  1. Reading some of the older posts, people have talked about failing on the MAP section more than anything. Could any one shed some light on what this area of selection is.

  2. Also, a bit of advice. Everybody in our briefing (or at least the large numbers I spoke to) ran out of time on the numerical reasoning. Don't worry about this; just don't dwell on questions you are finding take too long. I made that mistake, but still managed to get 'above average'.
  3. OK thanks for the advice. I have previously passed the royal marines officer Psychometric Tests. So from this they may be very much alike in both format and level.
  4. There are some here who have taken AOSB and AIB; however (and I've only done my AOSB briefing, haven't touched RN stuff) I can't imagine they'd be anything dramatically different.