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I've got my briefing coming up in a little while (12/10) and been looking for useful resources to practice for the MAP tests.

I believe the test consists of Numeracy (fine)/Literacy (yup no probs) and some form of Ravens Progressive Matrices (christfuck!) and have been trying to find out more about them - i.e. What the hell is the method to solving some of them? Case in point I tried these tests at and expected some sort of feedback but alas nothing (apart from pissing me off with a resultant IQ of 108!)

Is there a tried and true approach for solving these? Are there any other decent resources out there for these in particular as I did fine on the MAP handout booklet but these, uhm, well not so much!
In regards to the Numerical reasoning tests the questions all come from a chart of some sort. As you said quite easy if you have good maths skills.
The verbal reasoning tests are easy enough, just read the statement and when answering the questions only use information from the statement. Even if you know the answer from your own knowledge dont use it unless it is written in the statement.
The abstract reasoning tests are all about seeing a pattern in the different groups. i.e colour, shapes, number of shapes etc...

Go down to your local library and they should have books on the tests you will be doing.

Are all the Numerical questions Graph/Tabular based then? I presumed some would be in the form of artithmetic, shape, ratio's, fractions etc.
From my MAP test 3 weeks ago the majority were based around graphs and bar charts etc. There were a few that were arithmetic, shape etc.

Aslong as your confident with your sums (adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, ratio's etc) you will be fine.

You may be surprised to hear that you can use rough paper. You get some time to practice for the MAP tests and are given a few practice questions, you use the answer sheet as your rough paper.

The aptitude tests are rather easy, yet are very important as they are the only thing you do at your briefing that will carry over to main board. Remember to stay calm, focused and to pace yourself appropriately. If you find you are in the last minute with several question left start guessing you are not marked down for incorrect answers.

As for practice MAP test there are plenty online, and a practice booklet would have been sent to you from Westbury in the post.
Can anyone recommend some online psychometric testing sites which will be useful for the MAP tests, aside from the Kent University one?

I used these ones

They were pretty similar to the ones you do on the day, also UKAT I had already sat so was used to the format. I'm sure you can find some practice UKAT questions on line.
Just the free ones, if you search for more specific aptitude test you'll find plenty of decent free ones. Don't search "free aptitude tests" search more along the lines of "free numerical reasoning aptitude test".
At my briefing very few of us finished the Math section including someone who had just got his Math degree at Cambridge or Oxford (one of those two) So don't panic if you don't finish!
There were a couple but they were rather straight forward. If I recall there was one about sprinters, where you were given there completion of a 100m race then asked what speed certain ones were travelling.

You giving a pencil and paper, so if you struggle to remember Speed=Distance*Time as soon as you get in jot it down. Or jot down the speed distance time triangle

I think a good thing to remember is if you work out an answer and its not listed amongst the options, look for ones in similar magnitudes.

EDIT - can't recall if there were any unit conversions needed in the MAP, but there were in PLANEX so make sure you can convert between hours, minutes, metres, kilometres, miles per hour to miles per minute.
Did the briefing this week.

The website is the best i found online.
Also look on the aosb website.

Work as fast as possible on the earlier questions as they are very easy, and get progressively harder. So don't faff.

Also take a watch or keep an eye on the clock, as the clock on the computer is just a useless analogue pie-chart style timer ( that doesn't give minutes or seconds remaining). Thus it was hard to gage the time near the end and most people missed the last set of questions on each test.
No calculator at AOSB Briefing my friend.

I did my Briefing a few days ago and the MAP tests are the most difficult element, but also the most important. I only did a few mock IQ tests online before attending, and my Group Leader said I got a high to average score, without finishing 2 of the 3 sections.

Just be confident in your gut instinct with the maths and abstract testings, and concentrate for the language tests. Be sure to know the meanings of words that are often quite similar to each other, and the tests get progressively more difficult.

Good luck.

Saying that everyone in my group got a Cat 1, and some guys said they really messed up the MAPs.
The only real thing I can imagine that catches people out with the language is if they actual know something about the subject in their blurb. And accidentally use known information to answer questions, instead of relying solely on the information provided, as you must do.

EDIT - Didn't find out my MAP result untill my debriefing with my ACA. Our group leader didn't give anyone information about their MAP results. So don't expect to find out on the day how you did.

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