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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by tommo16, Sep 6, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,

    Can anyone help? I am okay on the above subject in taking bearings, 6 and 8 figure references and the map's legend/key and relating the map to the ground. However, the only thing what does confuse me is the compass and the military's Mils system.

    For example, when taking a bearing grid or mag- say the compass shows 340 degrees. What is that in Mils??? And how much does it represent on the compass? Say 160 deress what is this in mils??? Can anyone be helpful for this thick individual?
  2. 6400 mils in a circle , so work it out . You really need a military compass
    to do it . There are only a few occasions that 360' degrees are used in
    the army .
  4. erm, perhaps using a compass that uses mils as opposed to degrees would be a good start. Silva and Sunto both make em. Trying to convert degrees into mils is not the brightest idea, as even a slight miscalculation could send you wayward!!

  5. Just out of interest why don’t you get a Silva Compass that reads in Mils?

    What is it that you are doing that requires you to convert Mils to Degrees and Visa Versa?

    If you are content to maths on the fly.. then:

    A circle equals 6400 mils (360 degrees) therfore there are 17.78 mils per degree. To convert degrees to mils, multiply degrees by 17.78.

  6. Will when i get paid invest in a decent silva compass. Thanks for the advice and diagram.