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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, May 20, 2010.

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  1. Anyone know what the pre course reading is for this??? I suspect the joining instructions is a standard letter and their may not actually be any pre course reading..

    I did try searching on DII but it's nowhere near google or arrse is it for finding info.
  2. " Map Reading made easy" on the OS website
  3. Make sure you know what the symbol for 'Pub' is... apparently you'll be seeing lots of them.
  4. cheers but I believe their is little UK/OS/BNG content on the course
  5. Never did find that giant telephone receiver
  6. But, almost every mapping system in the world is based on the OSUK, so if you can mapread here you should be able anywhere
  7. I'd heard a rumour about longitude and latitude - might be wrong though.
  8. And all OS maps have Lat and Long on them, but then we are talking about Navigation and not Map Reading
  9. The JIs are very comprehensive, there's a suggested reading list and a copy of the 'in test' for you to attempt and gauge your level and any weak points.Yes there is Lat & Long,but they teach it, theres alot of BNG/OS/MGRS again they teach it, so long as both your theory and practical are to an average standard you'll be ok.

    Don't get me wrong the standards are high, well they used to be and unless its been 'dumbed down' still will be, if you fail the written in test you're out the door,if you pass then into civvies and out on the hill for the practical.

    TBH it was possibly the best course I've been on.
  10. It's quite refreshing to hear someone say that about a course.

    I presume the pre course test contains more stuff than the MATT?
  11. Frack me.... I found answers on ArmyNet
  12. Stop saying "frack".

    It is a phrase constructed by a US TV programme makers and should not be used by anyone who is not actually part of that programme.

    If you mean MAPRIC, it is a cracking course and you'll need to be pretty sharp on eg. resection, grids, atc or you will be binned on the entry test.
  13. if you need any more help with that poloar pm me,
  14. But the main culprit on that show is a physco fit female, so I don't care.

    No it's not but I intend to do that anyway. It seems to be a course geared towards passing the MAPRIC entrance test. It only seems to run in 15 Bde area.
  15. Not with a 1:50 MGRS map its not.