Map Reading & Lazy Bs

Can anyone help,
I'm looking for a decent Powerpoint lesson on measuring distances, I've started to put one together but being I.T dangerous I'm making heavy going of it. Always looking for an easy option.....HELLLP!

All, well most, answers welcome!
Go for an easy explanation of :

Estimation, direct and indirect method. You'll need no more than 10 slides for them all. Simple slides for a simple explanation.

I'm not going to send you the presentation, that would be too easy.

Next you'll be wanting **** love.
I personaly don't need it, nor does the other mapric, however, the boss is teaching it next w/e, offcers, maps. to be honest he's ok with it,ex Ranker, but every little helps.

The new MATTs give exactly what to teach on MAPRIC with little or no deviation from the package supplied. 16 lessons in a oner to keep the blokes enthralled!

Army be the best, as long as some civvie has input to what is taught.


Hi Boxy - Get yersel over to Ebay & splash out a fiver on this... British Army Mapreading Instructor Lesson Packs - Item number: 7235402499.
CW LLf at quote, sometimes those cows are sheep & you shouldn't take bearings to white rocks, they tend to move!

Thanks guys
FFBox said:
Just flicked through the MATTS FFS! that it?
In the hard copy of the pack there is a CD with lessons...I take it you can't download that :oops:
Not so much down loading, more a comment on testing, the recruits we teach get a harder written & practical. Is it because they're in training ?

Must steal, I mean, borrow MATTS package from local PSI.
There are 3 levels in there, Regs do level 1 Test, I have no idea what recruits are taught. I tend to work off assumption that sprogs know very little and prepare myself to be pleasantly surprised. :roll:

I am very prepared :D
I want to know on MATT 1 why the bloke has his finger on the trigger and with the safety catch on.
If you are MAPRIC qualified, you should have the contact details for Boris at Hermitage, i am sure he will square you away with a copy of the powerpoint lesson plans. Or maybe he will just tell you to f*** off, just like on the course when you are a nanometer out with your resection and he is gently telling you that you need to go away and look at your work again. All the while it is peeing down and the mist has obscured the object you are trying to identify using DDCRAPS.

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