Map of (Alledged) dodgy fuel

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Vimeiro, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. Map where the (Alledged) dodgy fuel is.

    Dodgy Fuel

    Even though only a small percentage of Britains cars have been effected. You never know.
  2. This dodgy fuel has caused my cars' electric windows to stop working, the exhaust to blow, the air con to stop working and effected the tracking. Tescos are gonna owe me loads of money!
  3. This has been going on for ages. If you go to some of these serious type car forums where they go on for pages about the merits of Citroen ashtray as it's so ergonomically designed, in amongst all the crap are loads of posts with people having problems with supermarket fuel and these problems were only rectified when they went to a BP/Esso/Shell petrol station and sloshed in a few litres of so-called proper stuff.

    I could find them for a possible link but I only just managed to get out with my sanity the last time.

    I did say just.
  4. So who is responsible?
    Is it an Al Q hit, Irans latest idea, Greenpeace or the newest bit of traffic calming?

    Tin foil hat brigade can have a great time with this.

  5. This is going to kill everyone of boredom, and for that i apologize.

    I work in the petrol industry, specifically in Wet Stock Analysis, the problems in the cars are most likely related to the amount of Ethanol Greenenergy puts in its fuel mixture, because it reduces the emmissions.
    Now as i understand it, once the ethanol in the petrol mix has "stood" for awhile in a tank, it turns into water (Correct me if wrong), which wouldnt be seen at the refineries or even in the tankers because of the disturbance in the mixtures. Its probably a mix of high-ethanol content deliveries over time, coupled with one big one to top it all off. The problems probably been going on for a few weeks, only now when people have mentioned it to news groups has it come out. And of course, everyone thinks they have a problem, im sure the old man who pulled out in front of me and stayed at 5mph had ethanol related issues!

    In short, stay with the big dealers, BP, Shell, Esso, Texaco, Jet and Murco. Most of those manufacture their own fuel, and arnt trying to "water" down theirs, or even make it more friendly to trees.

    High water alarms should have been going off on the Tank Guages ate the particular sites, but in my experiance not one site will bother with a guage alarm, outsourcing its wet stock analysis to outside companies. If a big chain isn't outsourcing, then it might not have even noticed.

    Hopefully trading standards will come down on them like a ton of bricks, enabling companies like mine to "mop up" their wet stock problems.
  6. Not a correction but a amplification?

    Possibly that is the problem??

  7. Yeah that sounds about right, my knowledge is extremely limited!
  8. Sorry, but did someone say "Wet sock analysis " ?
  9. Wnak sock mate
  10. Wench thanks for pointing that out, its caused all 4 of my tyres to wear right down to the wire, by heck they're going to pay, the swine.
  11. Latest analysis is that traces of Silicone have been found in samples of the petrol.

    Petrol shouldn't have silicone in it.

    Maybe Anna Nicole Smith's boobs have dissolved into the Texan oil source?
  12. It is thought silicon may have found its way into a batch of petrol in transit by ship into the UK or in storage containers.

    Contamination by water or ethanol has now been ruled out.
  13. Obviously its been caused by Bliar and Broon to stop congestion
  14. Obviously its been caused by Bliar and Broon to stop congestion
  15. My street legal Sankey 432 has no problems atall with the fuel. Infact the costs of disposing of contaminated petrol are so high, that I can see free fuell for years!