Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by growler, Aug 24, 2004.

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  1. Are there any old maots out there & do they still have them?
  2. MAOT - as in Mobile Air Operations Team's ???
  3. motley crews! Yes, that's right. used to be @ odiham
  4. MAOTS are alive and well, serving as part of 21 Sigs in support of JRRF.
  5. And are the biggest waste of space since kieth chegwin,

    just ask the 21 Sigs lance jack who tried to nick my whips in the convoy line up on Op Essential Harvest (Macedonia 01) Italian BG "sorry mate, thought they were ours" reply, do one dick-head....

    And the Flt Lt from the same team, got pissed the night before the op, missed the O'Gp, then preceded to set out his LP marker for the CH47 only to have it blow away when the cab was on final approach.

    Nice one crabs and scaileys
  6. What....?????? no come backs?

    Royal Signals Cant Signal!
  7. Ref the Crab rodney whats new ? :? we all know they are unprofessional and not very adept at anything mil !!!!! Just saw them on a recent exercise where they deployed tactically and brought their own hurricane lamps for their billy smart admin area so they could see at night !!!!!!! Apparently the woods were too dark !!!!

    Ref the scaley nicking your kit, should have scuffed him harder !!!!!!!

    PS G11 you never "borrowed" something from someone you know you shouldn't have ?!!! :wink:
  8. Growler,

    Ref the MAOT Teams yes they are still in existence. Probably with slightly more kit than you had but doing same old job. Cushy number to get on apparently as always when attached to the crabs etc etc !!!!!!

    Any other queries give us a shout and will try best to answer !! :D
  9. Well, to be fair, i've "borrowed" my fair share, probably the same as you, but i always remembered my whips (week one, day one)
    and i never got caught :lol:
  10. maots are a bunch of geeks FACT!
  11. Informed, witty, courteous, accurate, well argued and interesting. No, hey-up-cheeky, your first post on ARRSE was absolutely none of these things.

    Look on the bright side: You can only go upwards from here, given that start.
  12. Don't want to stir an arguement but they support JHC not JRRF. Would like to say hello to all. didahdidahdi
  14. Milky bar you are not starting an arguement, didn't want to complicate the matter initially,

    you stated that - Don't want to stir an arguement but they support JHC not JRRF. Would like to say hello to all. didahdidahdi

    Here we go with one of the ways it often works.

    JRRF task JHC, JHC task SHF, SHF task 21 Sigs, therefore JRRF task 21 Sigs.

    Hope that helps you out, I dont know much I am just one of those lucky people who get tasked and I can see the paper trail.
  15. Was attached to Maots at BFPO 47... good posting, nice to get away from mainstream signals and do a real job.