Maori call for ban on British immigrants

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by armchair_jihad, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. British immigrants face a hostile reception after Maori call for curb

    Britons considering making a fresh start in New Zealand might find a less than warm welcome awaiting them after Maori politicians demanded curbs on immigration to the islands.

    Lured by the attractive climate, majestic scenery, a high standard of living and the use of English, thousands leave the United Kingdom each year to make new lives on the other side of the globe.

    But yesterday Maori nationalists called on the government in Wellington to limit the number of migrants from Britain.

    They accused the government of running a secret campaign to prevent the "browning of New Zealand" by encouraging large numbers of white immigrants so that they outnumber those of Pacific and Asian origin who would align themselves with the Maori minority.

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  2. I'm looking to live in Waikato, however I don't intend to align myself with any section of the culture. I've gone right off my cornflakes now, someone's p1ssed in them
  3. I think this can be expected whenever you migrate to another country, you will always get some people (usually the bottom of the social pile) who resent newcomers. Take the article with a pinch of salt and see if there is a discussion about it on the expats NZ forum.
  4. You're right, I've spoken with someone in NZ and I'm informed that it will come to nothing, merely reactionary diatribe
  5. Great headline though
  6. What, the inhabitants of a country complaining about foreigners coming in taking their jobs, nicking their houses, sitting on their seat on the bus, etc?

    Who'd have thought it? :biggrin:
  7. Aye, you'd never get people doing that over here.
  8. I don't blame any New Zealander calling for a ban on us (British) entering their country.

    When I consider that we have abandoned the Commonwealth (our friends, kith, kin and unwavering allies in troubled times) and got into bed with the European Soviet Union (our enemies for centuries), I am surprised that we can even visit as tourists.

    "I say Kiwis we've got a war in the South Atlantic, Europe (as ever) Middle East, Western Asia, Far East any chance of some help?".

    The help always arrives.

    "I say Kiwis you can keep your lamb and butter et cetera, our new best friends in the European Soviet Union will provide for us now - so they say".

    In addition we send a stupid England Old Boys rugby team, complete with political commissar (Campbell) to pretend to be British Lions - insulting or what?!
  9. You load of "£$%^&.

    You just dont want to see the difference do you?
  10. Obviously you do though so please impart us with your wisdom.
  11. Racist barsteawards.
    john the realist
    I live in some else's cuntry. Very nice and it is, but of course the locals are racist.
    I used to work in Mid East and boy oh boy where they ever racist, mind you I wuz luck for Jon be Honkey. You really need to know Arabs to hear their views on folk of Afro Carribean origins, in fact darkies from Africa where really just considered er Free SLAVES. onest.
    Trust the PC crowd are well land truely upset and have little old moi on their sh1t list.
  12. Aren't the maoris complaining a bit late about immigration?
  13. OK.

    Well first of all let me just say that I agree that any Country has a right to limit immigration.

    The main difference I see though is that NZ has quite a bit of room to fit more people in, and would benefit from a few more, who I might add, have to go through a rigorous selection procedure.

    Unlike the UK that has NO MORE ROOM and has no immigration control whatsoever. The NHS, Education and Police are all buckling under the strain of it all. Also the house price inflation is due to one reason and one reason only, supply and demand. The demand has FAR outstripped the supply.

    People in the boardrooms of big business must have started jumping for joy when they found out that they could get all the liberals on their side with reference to importing cheap labour so they could make even more money.
  14. Agreed.

    Quite a bit of room by who's opinion?

    Agreed, but we can't use failings in our own country as a stick to beat the native populace of another country into accepting further immigration of their very own. We should sort out our country, not be encouraging our citizens to jump ship to a handy country that shares a common language.

    Are these the same boardrooms that decided to send high employment businesses such as call-centres off-shore to save money too?
  15. Well for one by someone who lives there. The point being that they only allow people in that they decide anyway, they have a shortage, WE DONT.

    Yes they are the same people (not all I might add). The same people that are now bringing the work back as they realised that people dont like it and use another company, so no good for them as they are only interested in profits.