Maoists in Nepal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pacifist_Jihadist, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. After years of fighting the Maoist rebels are a sanctioned political party and heading towards a majority of the seats in parliament. Well they certainly aren’t wasting time in changing things out there:

    Nepal king told: 'Go gracefully'

    So what does this mean for future Ghurkha recruits? Am I correct in saying that Maoists hate the idea of their people fighting for a foreign army? Could this mean current Ghurkhas applying for asylum status here?
  2. I was always under the impression that the Maoists hada fairly pragmatic view of Gurkha recruitment. I remeber an episode on Michael Palin's Himalaya where a recruitment party was 'invited' to tea with the local Maoist leader and described it along the lines of very civilised, if a tad unnerving. Admittedly, that was made in the late 90s prior to the latest batches of bloodshed.

    I wonder where they think the hill-tribes will get the money to replace British Gurkha income if they do ban it?
  3. It said in the Times a couple of days ago that the maoists are against Gurkha regiments, Should be interesting if they do ban them. We will have to find another 3000 recruits from somewhere.
  4. I have seen part of that episode and that’s where I’m basing the thought of anti-Ghurkha regiments in the country. In that episode I’m sure he walks along a road and on the side of a building is Nepalese graffiti proclaiming "death to those who fight for foreign armies". Its going to be interesting and it will defiantly add new fuel to better treatment for those in the regiment due to turmoil in their own countries. Worst case scenario, I can see the sun headline now “Entire regiment applies for asylum status” 8O

    Politicans the world over, never thinking things through.
  5. I thought that even the Chinese weren't Maoists any more??
  6. The Indian army has 7 regiments of Gurkha each with 5 or 6 Bns so they have more Bns of Gurkhas then we have regular infantry Bns. Do the Maoists really want 39 Bns of unemployed troops returning home?

    Be careful of what you wish for as Confucius would say
  7. They're not. They are ''capitalist roader's''.
  8. Maoist party sppokesman on the radio, BBC, a day or two ago said they weren't "banning" Gurkha enlistement, but that they wanted to provide alternatives so that young men from the hill villages did not have "only one option", to join up. They expected a natural lessening of enlistment as a result.
  9. Might be a very quick solution to the Maoist government.......