Mao Mao Claims of torture Compensation?

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Chunkie, Oct 6, 2012.

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  1. Are these two old scrotes in Kenya swinging the light? Were any British troops captured and tortured by the Mau Mau, Murdered, etc etc. there must be some lads surviving that know if anything happened. A counter claim by our lads and/or families would deter further claims out of the taxpayers purse?
  2. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Wasn't one of them castrated by the system? So, the scrote is unlikely to be swinging anything.
  3. Having just read the Wikipedia account of the Mau Mau Uprising I am somewhat shocked at what happened! However as its unlikely that those who made the decisions to torture etc are still living. I cant see how this government can be held accountable.
    I see the Kenyan Government have sneakiley got out of their responcibilities by supporting former Mau Mau members and pronouncing them as hero's.
    If they are going to make claims against our Government then relitives of the thirty odd British people murdered by the Mau Mau should make substantial claims against the Kenyan Government which now support Mau Mau claimants.
  4. Hopefully we will bin Kenya and train somewhere else.

    Well done Kenya you did win your day in court, but look what you could have won. (the continued financial a political support of the UK).

    Not that I'm a spiteful ****, but you shouldn't bite the hand that feeds.
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  5. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    I also think it's time we sued the Indian Government for the Black Hole of Calcutta incident, the Italian Government for all those slaves the Romans took, the Norwegian, Danish and Swedish Governments for all that rape and pillage the Vikings did, Arab Governments for all the slaves they took from the south west coast of England. And the French for refusing to accept that our monarch is also theirs.

    Here's the way to remove the National Deficit!

  6. Why shocked?

    You are applying todays mega PC moral compass,to events that happened 50 odd years ago.

    The majority of British troops were conscripts,controlled by the British Colonial Office,people both native Kenyans,and Whites,were being murdered,and mutilated,in an horrendous fashion,and there was what would be called by some today "an over reaction" to these terrible deeds,carried out by the Mau Mau but,back then it would be classed as Summary justice,and justified,by those people on the spot.

    Even in the early 60's,history was being rewritten,by so called African experts,who had been nowhere near Kenya,during the troubles,and many ex members of the Colonial Administration,were shit on,and cast adrift,by the FCO,at that time.

    Hindsight is a wonderful gift,but always tends to be endowed upon people,who do a lot of research,long after the event,and wouldn't know the truth,if it bit them on the arse.

    As for the Kenyan governments backing of these,murdering fuckwits,why any surprise,Jomo Kenyatta the first president of Kenya,was a massive supporter of the Mau Mau movement,and succesive governments,have followed his lead,to get into power!
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  7. Well RoofRat you've just beaten me in writing a similar post and since you have covered the important points I'll just mention that the legal system might come to the rescue with its procrastination.
  8. I might also add,whenever anyone reads contemporary accounts,of our Colonial past,take a couple of things in to consideration.

    The Mea Culpa fad,about anything that we have done,in the last 1,000 + years (sorry I refuse to apologise to the French),and the application of,todays moral values (yeah,I know,don't laugh),on something that happened upto 1,000 + years ago,and hindsight (not available at the time ;-) )

    Not forgetting,none of these books are written,and published for purely altruistic reasons,but normally,for furthering the authors standing,in the world,and money.

    Some of these fuckwits could well have been tortured,but not neccessarily,by the Brits/Colonial forces,as the Mau Mau,killed,and maimed,more of the locals,than the Opposition!
  9. Just got to wonder how many of the "colonial officials" who sanctioned the actions are Kenyan nationals and, presumably, became members of the Kenyan government.

    I don't suppose there'd be much hope of compensation from that source, though.
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  10. Calm down, calm down. They've only won the right to take the UK to court. They haven't got any money yet and at their age, they may not even be around by the time this get's heard.
  11. Colonial troops, not just "British".

    Idi Amin was one of them, he was known for carving up prisoners with a panga, troops from the African Rifles would quite merrily take on the job of bumping off members of rival tribal groups.

    We did bad things in Kenya, accept that and move on.
  12. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Me quoting me , again,:

    For further reading - see my sig block

  13. I think you'll find,we did,a long time ago,it's these little chancers that haven't.

    The Kenyan government,eulogises these 'freedom fighters',for their own ends,but doesn't think enough of them to provide any sort of welfare for their old age,hence the need to pursue,the British government,for money,to 'provide for their old age'!

    As for Idi Amin "carving up prisoners with a panga",I'm afraid hearsay,isn't evidence.

    The fact that these people waited so long before bringing this case,wouldn't of course have anything to do with the revelation,that 'lost documents,and files' from this period had been 'discovered' somewhere in the bowels of the FCO,could it,and another British barrister,is set to make millions? ;-)
  14. You are entirely right, no one's going to deny that the compo gravy train will be rolling. We have already seen all the "mass rape" claims and the ones for Kenyans who claim they were injured by pyro lying around on the training areas when the number one cause of the injuries is going to in fact be cooking fires, in blighty before we had gas and electric women were most likely to die not in child birth but as a result of cooking accidents.

    Amin was still a nasty **** though.
  15. Wait until you get the bill from the Chinese for the destruction of the Summer Palace.
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