Many minorities live in poverty

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cynical_stab, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. Some 40% of people from ethnic minority backgrounds are living in poverty, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has said.

    The figure is twice as high as it is for white people, and rises to 65% for those of Bangladeshi origin, it says.

    I do hope they will be inviting representatives from the Chinese and Jewish community, whose children consistently come top of the class at school, who don't seem to cause trouble on the streets and don't exhibit extreme victim status at every opportunity.
  2. Until someone mentions 'Israel' and 'aggression' in the same sentence.

    I would be very careful about this kind of stereotyping - a decade or two ago, it was the done thing in some circles to criticise the Afro-Caribbean 'community' (God, I hate that word, but too lazy to think of a better one) as feckless and criminal, and point out how much better the Asian 'community' was - what with all their little businesses and keeping themselves to themselves and all that. Fast forward 15 years and the supposedly peaceable Asian community has created, in some instances, religiously-ordered ghettoes hitherto unseen in this country, and spawned fundamentalist suicide bombers, whilst the Afro-caribbean community is pretty solidly integrated (huge, sweeping generalisations accepted).

    Furthermore, poverty is, of course, now an entirely relative concept.
  3. I for one get somewhat peaved when we use the term poverty to desrcibe both some one in the UK who has a proper home, the resouces to obtain 3 square meals a day, clothing, telly, heeating, water and sewage facilities etc, and for example the poor retches existing just about in a refugee camp in Darfu.

  4. Couldn't agree more with your comments Peter. There is relative poverty in the UK, but how we can equate the UK in any way to the poverty experienced by many developing countries is completely beyond me.
  5. ... and yet they keep coming. How odd.
  6. You mean, of course, Muslim and specifically Pakistani, not Asian - with a few contributions from North Africans and Somalis. We are not, after all, suffering from a Sikh / Hindu / Indian in general / Chinese / Vietnamese / Thai terrorist threat.

    There is an interesting theory (Prof Blair Peach IIRC) of 'two models' of immigration - 'Irish' (poorly educated, low status, limited success in ascending the class and income scale) and 'Jewish'. Bangladeshis and Pakistanis fall firmly in the former category, seemingly unable to adapt to life in this country and continuing to import relatives and wives from backward villages, thus ensuring that any sort of meaningful assimilation never takes place. Chinese and Indian (and particularly East African Asians) fall into the latter, typically having incomes higher than the indigenous white average and being more likely to have a degree.

    It's all about culture and educational base...
  7. Totally agree. I suppose my point was that, 15 or 20 years ago, it was fairly common from a white POV to lump the 'Asian' community into one homogenous mass of pretty saris and efficient corner shops - which was clearly rather unsophisticated in the circumstances as you correctly point out.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Poverty is indeed subjective to one's locale, but as has been said, if you can get a gratis roof, 3 meals per day and enough to afford clothes, you are by no means poor in any country.

    This, despite the best efforts of Tony Bliar et al is a country of enormous opportunity and even more so if you start with nothing. With the right effort and attitude and by making the most of what freedoms are left, one can make a staggering amount of money. If one is not inclined to do so, a more modest lifestyle ensues.

    Sorry to sound Thatcherite, but you can't complain of living in poverty in this country unless you've tried your best. Many complain, and many don't get off their backsides.
  9. I love how people usually mention that these people are living in "ghettoes".

    Interesting how they were nice areas, widely sought after as living spots, until these shower of shite flood in and invade an area like a swarm of f*cking locusts.

    Consequently, businesses get run down (or run out of town...) in these areas, indigeous people leave by the busload, entrepeneurs don't start new companies in these districts, and so the average wages drop. Hey-ho, poverty. Another effect of uncontrolled immigration.

    It would be kinder to not even let these people into the country. They'd probably get a better quality of life at Sangatte II
  10. If they keep coming out with this Ethnic problem and insinuating it is the white communities fault, they will keep fuelling segregation and racism.
    May be that is what they want, considering with out Racism and prejudice, Joseph Rowntree Foundation would not receive their massive cash flow from Government, like the CRE who also, are only in existence to accuse the white community of Racism.

    BNP must love it when they hear this; it drives people right to them.

    "Nothing in Britain is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."
  11. And that gives the fuzzy Islingtonites and socialites a reason to create MORE racism and discrimination laws. And the circle continues.

    I think the BNP are a bunch of thugs and tossers, but given the alternative of Liarbor or Consleazeatives, or even the Lib Dems (back down sven... :roll: ), I can see how people will find them appealing.
  12. Shocking when you hear of this poverty.

    I've heard of single people living 4 to a room, with no fire alarms, lack of privacy, mould, damp and funiture falling apart. Married families claiming income support despite working 60+ hours a week and being sent all over the place including some of the most dangerous parts of the world. Then being asked to pay community charge for the priveledge and having allowances reduced. Not being allowed to complain to their MPs and being treated with contempt by politicians if they complain. Shocking state of affairs.

    Oh sorry - you were talking about a didfferent minority. Still, I am sure there is a recruiting office that could help them.
  13. as there not going to disappear maybe finding out how we can get them out of
    relative poverty as people with jobs and spare cash tend not to hang around mosques listening to crap
    just an idea
  14. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    There was an article in the Economist late last year called 'Poor Whites: The Forgotten Underclass'. It was an interesting read, I've pulled a chart which uses official stats to consider academic achievement, a chief signifier of absolute poverty and possibly the only escape method.