Many Many Thanks

To Meridean for building a new website for me, please have a look at it, not quite finished yet but please send the link to all of your friends, this is where our wounded go, we have a family out there at the moment and 2 new cases in this week

Explore Polaris
Cheers Dave, it was the least I could do for all the stuff you do

Planning on going on holiday, give ones of these a go and mention Dave.

The more traffic Dave gets the more likely the owners are to keep generously offering their villas for the wounded and their families for free, which is of course a GOOD THING
You might want him to fix this bit:

 Local Weather

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Anyway, its Spain, its hot, MDN spoke to one of our finest a couple of days ago who retorted its scorching I am by the private pool leave me alone 8O :lol:
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