Many english lads in 1,2 and 3 scots?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Robp85, Apr 7, 2011.

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  1. Living just outside glasgow and started application process not bothered where end up but told likely to be 1, 2 or 3 scots many english lads there?
  2. on that subject, many scottish in the royal welsh?
  3. You'll go where the regiment needs you for op. requirements. Are you concerned about being singled out for attention? Don't be. So long as you aren't a mong & don't jack you'll just get banter. We've got a Midlander & Scouser in our training platoon.
  4. Nah not worried about being singled out just curious more than anything, majority my family are scottish but i was born and raised down south and now living here
  5. Quite a few English guys in 2 SCOTS. Not a problem.

  6. I did a secondment with 1st Bn A&SH (now 5 Scots), great bunch. Be ready for banter from morning till night.
  7. Many of the Scots Div have a wide variation irrespective eng, welsh or Irish, Inc Fijian,

    As it's already been stated by others don't jack or be a mong & you'll be fine,

    Get used to the 'wine culture environment' ;-) not all but well noticed
  8. Hi Glasgow Jock, I'm new to ARRSE and hope you can share your thoughts with me also. I'd appreciate feedback from any members

    I am a 29-yr old & did 2 tours as FTRS a couple of years back - so I'm told I only have two regiments to choose from (it's something to do with the pension effects). These are the Royal Welsh and the RRS. No problem there - both good regiments, good reputations. However while I'm as fit as they come -I'm also as English as they come. They are both fiercely celtic. So there's a shitstorm of conflicting advice that makes it hard to see what the reality is.

    It also seems a bit strange that apparently 3rd & 5th bn RRS are finding it hard to recruit - not sure why with their strong names.

    One bunch of people tell me it'll all be fine - and that the Scots recruit from certain areas as a 'guide', then top up with Fijians and blokes from Northern England etc. They say that RW are a cliquey lot and often speak in native Welsh.

    Others say that the Scots are pretty harsh on anyone who isn't a native Scotsman, struggle to accept outsiders etc - while the Welsh are a bit more amenable thru being based at Dale & Tidworth etc.

    Then I get people telling me that one lot or the other are rough on their lads - and others telling me that it's like an extended family...

    Well I'm a big lad and figure there is a pain barrier to go through either way. I figure like anywhere, you just keep your trap shut and prove that you can do your job, and learn what's being passed on to you. I can take a bollocking (and give one too). But while I can filter out most of the BS, any advisement from people who know the ropes would be a help.

    Cheers - John
  9. i joined KOSB (now 1 SCOTS) in '92, after being told by my recruiting Sgt that they wouldn't at all mind that i was English....... after a hard 6Wks where i grafted, didn't jack and took all the shite, i was soon accepted and the banter was friendly. same when arriving at the Battalion, after getting the "Arrivals" process i wee bit harder, it soon settled down. it helped that there where many lads fron Berwick in at the time. things were a bit more aggresive at 5 nations time though......
  10. Cheers for that one fieldie
  11. Are you sure about this mate? Im joining RRS soon and am from England and a lot of the stuff im being told now is that they will be dicks with me and ill never be respects and ill regret my decision. Can you help put my mind at ease. I dont mind banter but i dont want to be made to hate my job just because im English.
  12. Did you ever get a decent answer to this? Im joining RRS soon and am also beign told that theyll never accept me because im English. Can you let me know if you found anything out? cheers
  13. I'm starting to feel dizzy.
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  14. ALL the RRS Bns have English. QO HLDRS had Scouse RSM, HLDRS had Aussie RSM. 4 SCOTS and their predecessors regiments (QOHLDRS/HLDRS) had loads of English esp Scouse as we were allied with Liverpool Scottish. Similarly GORDONS had Londoners as they were linked with London Scottish. We also had Aussie/Kiwi 1 Yank from Long Beach and lots of Canadians as well. 17 years with Blue Mafia and NOT ONCE did I get a hard time for being English.
  15. thanks, this is the first proper reply ive gotten. appreciate it!! :D