Many civil servants deserve axe

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pacifist_Jihadist, Jan 15, 2009.

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  1. Yes yes we all know its obvious, but is never said on fear of their Unions wrath. But according to ex-trade minister and ex-CBI chief, the public sector can be cut in half and provide better service, and that the nobody fears the sack even from poor work standards. Didnt Brown say something about this not long ago then quickly swept it under the rug?


  2. Yes,this was the thrust of a thread I started some time back along the lines of'The public sector,time to wield the axe?'.

    As the civil service has been politicised and can be counted upon to vote for Brown at the next election,don't expect any cuts in their numbers,in fact quite the contary.
  3. No more than the amount of MPs and EMPs that should be shot! sorry sacked.
  4. Stand by for outrage from the CS.

    Up here 30% of the population are employed by the Govt in some way, shape or form, which just sounds way too high.

    On top of that I'd say that a lot of the work done is actually pointless or has no effective output.

    - remembering a quote from a local govt CS years ago when layoffs were being threatened for teachers and a teacher suggested reducing numbers in County Hall... " You can't make my members redundant, they are required to manage the reduction in teaching positions...".


    "Blank sheet" independent analysis of outputs required from Govt followed by study on organisation & manning requirement.

    Increase in subsequent CS pay to attarct suitable calibre individuals.

    Remainder redeployed into the private sector to add to national productivity.

    Yes I know, simplistic in the extreme, too many vested interests for a start ....
  5. Though it's like the prisons and mental hospitals; we all know that half of them don't need to be there ......

    .... but it would take a clever man to know which half.
  7. Hmm - never mind the number of Civil Servants - look at the number of Quangos and their budgets. Can anybody actually say how many there are, how much they cost, what overlap is there etc. But be careful because they will need to set up a Quango to answer the question.
  8. The civil service is a strange beast, lots of myths about it, and anyone who dares admitting to belonging to it finds themselves derided. I think there is space for a lot of cuts in some areas, particularly the local govt sector and there is a world of difference between departments of state and local government in terms of the people, and their outlook.

    I'd imagine this thread will go along roughly the following lines - general slagging off of CS, lots of "CS think they're officers" posts, some comments about the chairs in MB and pay, and then more slagging off about how we know nothing at all about what we're doing.

    As for the idea that we all vote labour - rubbish - MOD is about as true blue as they come. Last election I saw dozens of CS cheering every Tory gain announced.
  9. Funny you should mention that. Yesterday, Dave announced that the Tories would cut the number of seats in Parliament by 10%.

    Regarding the Civil Service, you have to bear in mind that it's used to manipulate unemployment levels by creating 'non-jobs' for people who would otherwise be unemployed.

    Do we really need all of those Equality Officers, Community Space Challenge Co-Ordinators and, i kid ye not, street football co-ordinators? I think not, especially at a time when the private sector that's forced to fund this lunacy is facing Armageddon.

    Does Dave have gonads to do to the public sector what Maggie did to the nationalised industries in the 1980s? I think not. Looks like the next decade could be a rerun of the 1970s, or even the 1930s.
  10. Always interests me how these threads etc talk about what isn't done by the CS rather than what is done.

    I was in the CS for a while but it did my head in so I moved on. There are good and bad as in most walks of life but the cuts are well underway and still going on. As bad as you think it may be just note if something isn't done because of too much on one persons desk due to cuts etc.
  11. Maggie did it to the Civil Service too AM. During my time at MOD Hesseltine introduced Staff and Executive Responsibility Budgets, kicked off the whole "Outsourcing" process (then known as contracting out) just so he could stand up in parliament and state with his hand on his heart that he'd reduced the size of the Civil Service. The fact that he'd boosted the long-term costs didn't matter politically at that point.
  12. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I had a discussion with a doctor a while ago. She had listened in on a presentation where my team had said that whilst team building and employee development was important, there was always a point where the decision to sack someone and get someone new because of underacheivement made economic sense. A business is not a charity and had to be run with a common sense mix of understanding requirements and a drive to meet the bottom line.

    She vigorously disagreed. Her line was that her health service would never give up on anyone pointing at the fact that the unit she worked in had never got rid of anyone in her memory of 6 (I think) years with them. I pointed out that IMO a major problem with the NHS was exactly the mindset she showed.

    There lies the difference between public and private business models. One runs in the real world and the other, doesn't.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well, there's over 100,000 civil service employees that weren't needed before Labour (NOT Labliar) came to power, but have been employed - surely they are surplus!?
  14. And then came the PFI - and Gordon saw it and saw it was good :twisted:
  15. Nope, we've now got over a thousand new laws, about a million more health and safety regulations and a medium size mountain range of red tape to administer!

    Small Government, small Civil Service. Time for a change...