many Americans lack confidence in the electoral process

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Sep 23, 2005.

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  1. JIMMY CARTER and JAMES A. BAKER wrote it.

    So election fraud took place and the task is to reduce it, not exclude. Maybe fraud should be exported (to reduce it) along with democracy?

    ID-card with photo is too costly for poor Americans... What can I say in this situation? ... Poor Iraqis!
  2. The democrat's are in full opposition to photo ID's because they would make fraud alot more difficult. If one already has a driver's license then they wouldnt require another ID. In the US today its very difficult to cash a check without 2 forms of ID, one being some form of photo ID. All states offer photo ID's through the various State Motor Vehicle office's. Personally its a simple way to solve a problem.
  3. KGB_resident brings up a very salient point. Let's face it, vote-rigging is not just something Septics do (as Birmingham, England voters know by now).
    There MUST be something we (as voters) can do to make sure our votes are (1) given to the person/party we want and (2) our votes are not ultimately misused to approve policies we don't agree with. Am I dreaming or what?

  4. T6, I'm having some difficulty. Please remind me who James Baker III is and what part he played in the 2000 election. Many thanks.
  5. WHAT??? Costly how...the state comes to you verifies your are legit takes your pic and gives you an ID WHERE THE FCUK is the cost to the poor???????????????

    What you can say to the Iraqis is " the ink wears off in a few days be thankful we didn't come to you take your picture and give you a FREE voter ID card" ;-)
  6. Better ye who the hell is this Carter guy is he related to mister peanut?
  7. I understand that it is a joke. However you can read in mentioned article:

    Namely these former statesmen think that:

    As mr.Carter is Georgian himself and was a governor of this state then probably knows the matter. Have I ground for doubt? No I haven't.
  8. I would suggest that if you cannot "afford" to have an I.D. card we can due without their input in the democratic process. I paid fees of less tha $20 for my drivers license and find it difficult to believe anyone who wants to vote could not scrape together the money.

    If you consider that the "impoverished" in America have several TVs, telephone service, a healthy appetite for McDonalds and enjoy he finer things in life such as Malt Liquor, Crack cocaine and "BLING" , the money (taxpayers) is there for them, all they have to do is lay off the OE for a weekend.

    Furthermore I believe you need state ID to avail yourself to the social welfare system. The impoverished Georgians managed to sort that one out Jimmy.
  9. However I suppose you do need to pass a driving test first?
  10. Or you can get a state ID card from the same state agency for the same price.
  11. The whole debate is non-sense the voter IDs are FREE, they don't have to pay anything. In Florida you must have both you voter card and a picture ID to vote Georgia is consolidating the two and not charging the voter directly. They are charging the taxpayers, but a voter need not pay taxes 8O
  12. Has anyone considerd that many Redneck yanks are frightened to put an 'X' on a voting-slip for fear of giving their name away?.......
  13. edited for not being as clever as first thought.
  14. No such thing as a redneck yank...redneck is a southerner and by definition can not be a yankee. During the civil war rednecks were commonly refered to as rebels while they in turn refered to their northern counterparts as yankees.

    Malcolm Little was black and changed his name to Malcolm X. Rednecks commonly have first names of; bo, duke, earl, daisy, mae, pearl, etc... and last names (except in Lazyanne) are ususally jones, smith, pitts
  15. you, by any chance, have a favourite hog called 'boss'?