Manx Veterens receive cold shoulder from NHS

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AFA06, Nov 23, 2009.

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  1. This government just gets worse and worse. It’s latest cost cutter is to end the reciprocal health agreement between the Isle of Man and the UK. What this means is that Manx residents will no longer have access to the UK medical services. Although it has ended the agreement it had with the Isle of Man, the UK continues to have such an agreement with a host of countries, including Kazakhstan and Ukraine. This means that anyone from the Isle of Man travelling to the UK will need private health insurance or they will not be treated, a Kazakhstani however, would have the entire NHS at his service!

    So what I hear you say. Who cares, they are all a bunch of tax dodgers. Yeah okay, that bit is true but there are literally 1000s of Manxmen and women that have served full careers in the forces, there are currently 30 serving in Afghanistan and a recent MC winner is a Manxman.

    None of these people will be entitled to any post service care once they leave the forces, despite having paid full National Insurance for their entire career.

    A retired RAF officer with 35 years service queried his position with regards to UK health care and was told by the UK Department of Health's 'customer service centre' : 'Your service in the RAF does not have any bearing on the situation, nor does your being in receipt of a military pension.

    'The healthcare is only available to UK state pensioners. A military pension is not classed as a UK state pension and is therefore not subject to the same rules.'

    This is just typical money saving Labour – I have no problem with cutting costs but it should not happen at the expense of those that have served the UK loyally for an entire career.
  2. Let's hope the Conservatives turn the decision around, though i'm not holding my breath. I sincerely hope my future application for the Australian Army is given the green light. This country is finished.
  3. I am an ex-forces Manxman - domiciled in Norway.

    When I go abroad (i.e. to the UK) - I take my EU health card with me. (Norway is not a member of the EU - but has this agreement).

    This means that I can be treated by the NHS if I fall ill in the UK.

    I thought I would mention this - as it seems daft that I the NHS can treat me as a visitor from Norway - but not as a Manxman.

    That being said - we Manxman when abroad like to tell "foreigners" that the IOM is not a member of the UK, or the EU. (It makes us feel important) - and has had a parlament (Tynwald) which predates Westminster. So it seems poetic justice that we can't receive NHS treatment in the UK.

    (However IOM health service, cxan and does, refer seriously ill patients to the mainland for treatment - my grandfather was operated several times in Liverpool)
  4. Yes that used to be the case - my father was treated for cancer in the UK because the IOM hospitals could not manage it. That, however, was in the past. The agreement has ended.
  5. That seems very drastic - in essence it means that even as a Manxman living on the IOM you need private health insurance valid in the UK - in case you get seriously ill - f.ex. cancer.

    Thank you for that update - we are planning on visiting the Island agani next year (whilst I still have aunts etc. alive !) - we had better not plan on getting ill whilst we are there!

    Are you a Manxman?
  6. The IoM will still refer patients for treatment in the UK, because the IoM DHSS pays for these. The change affects IoM residents who require ongoing medical treatment while visiting the UK. Any visitor to the UK is entitled to free emergency treatment and that includes IoM residents.

    IoM residents who have paid 10 or more years of UK NI contributions will be entitled to free ongoing treatment while in the UK, as will any IoM resident who receives a UK state pension.

    The fact the IoM DHSS is complaining that this change will leave a hole in its health budget, would tend to suggest the agreement to date has been somewhat less than reciprocal. The UK already subsidises the IoM to the tune of around £1.5billion pa. Forgive me if I remain dry eyed.
  7. I was told the other day that the Women's changing rooms at my local swimming baths are to remain WOMEN ONLY for the forseeable future. Men in the area, many of which are veterans of various carve-ups, are severely pissed off about being singled out in this way.

    Outraged is not the word.

    What next for the pesky veterans eh?
  8. I believe the arrangement now means the 50,000 bikersgoing to the TT each year now need health insurance too.
    If you fall off your bike on the mountain you willget a bill for medical treatment.....
  9. There may be a bit of tit for tat going on here, hasn't the Manx government recently voted to reduce the amount it pays to Westminster in tax by about 25%?
  10. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    This is part of a wider debate is it not?

    I heard something on Radio 4 a couple of weeks ago about the fact that HMG is looking at lots of ways of cutting the funding it provides to the Isle of Man. Seem to remember that the man on the radio said that a debate had started on the Island about the possibility of going it alone and asking formally for independence due to the huge change in funding proposed/ being put in place. The line was that they would be better looked after by the Euro Zone than the UK HMG.

    Any residents of the IOM shed a little more light on it as it was a short piece that I heard?

  11. Rather simple really…

    How many Manx illegal immigrants come to live in the UK and are likely to vote Labour?
  12. Since 2004 if you are a Brit and choose to live outside the EU for more than three months per annum or elsewhere in the EU for six months per annum your access to NHS treatment is restricted.

    A lifetime of UK Tax and National Insurance contributions? Left bits in foreign fields? Counts for nothing until you resume residence in UK.

    Catches quite a few expats out who were expecting to get their hips, knees etc sorted FOC on the NHS
  13. I've not heard that one but I am aware that HMG is wanting to cut its spending towards the island's economy. I know that the IOM Govt has said it can go it alone - by raising the maximum income tax from its current 18% but it is reluctant to do so as it makes a fortune out of the countless millionaires residing there - the max income tax any one person pays on the island is £100,000. That amounts to quite an incentive to live on that God forsaken windswept rock - oh yes, and the lack of a 'national' speed limit!!
  14. Is it me, or is this just another Ghurka type scenario?

    Thanks for all you have done, now sod off?

    How pathetic is this gobmint, that a guy who has served, regardless of time, cannot get anything because he lives in a different place to the mainland UK?

  15. And who by and large would those expats be that Labour has chosen to hit?

    Often ex-forces or middle income professional retirees with a decent pension living abroad in somewhere sunny who wouldn't vote labour even if they promised them free BJ's for life.

    Gordon is a bitter and vindictive little man, and if you take steps to avoid his money grabbing mits he will make bloody sure he hits you another way.