Manure dumped on Jeremy Clarksons Lawn

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stabradop, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. Fcuking tree-hugging vermin's+lawn.aspx
  2. 'Tamsin' - heroine of the working classes.

    Or else, a rich bitch with **** all to do apart from join rent-a-mob.
  3. I wish someone would come and dump some on my lawn- i could put it in my rose beds.

    I'm sure he was very greatful.

    Silly little girls- gey back in your box.
  4. I'd have rubbed the bitches faces in it. Only way they learn.
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    How did they get there did they walk with all those bags of manure?

    I imagine Clarkson wil use some sort of digger or tractor to clear it up and redistribute it

    Problem wirth tree huggers is they don't think

    You all turn up for a stupid demo and van loads of police turn up
    So more damnage to t'ozone gets done than what would have happened normally
  6. Oh dear. It's all a bit pathetic, isn't it?

  7. The could have acheived the same effect with much less effort just by dumping copies of his Sun column there instead.
  8. It would have been better if they did it naked.
  9. Where is the Kings Horse, a la Emily Davison, when Clarkson needed it?
  10. He could always have eaten it,might improve what comes out of his gob.
  11. Its a shame Tasmin didnt learn that global warming,and cooling,are part of the planets natural cycle and there is feck all that can be done about it.

    Douglas Carswell MP has this take on it.
  12. Indeed.

    They could have been dumping slurry all over a smug but mostly harmless TV blowhard like JC, or better yet Sith lord Mandelson, instead they fertilized the big frizz headed tosser's no doubt obsessively barbered lawn. Oh dear there may be some grass burn!!!

    I do despair of the English. These folk probably have a fist full of A-levels, Media Studies degrees or MBA's and the collateral damages of debt and being totally unemployable. A minority may even be socially functional people able to say despite their misdirected education run a Kebab trolley at a profit. They really need to spend more time in proximity to genuinely radical folk like French farmers before they get the hang of this protesting lark.
  13. Are there still people out there that believe in the myth of global warming? I thought the nut cases had found a new cause...the danger of air bag restraint systems, or shopping trollies being dangerous...or some such cause.
  14. Wether or not somone belives in it is immaterial when you consider that it can be used as an excuse to foster futher taxation and state meddling onto the proles.

    And if you dont like it then you are obviously the kind of monster that enjoys watching polar bear cubs drown. :roll: