Manufacturers paying lip service to IRR? How important is it anyway?

I've looked at my molle webbing through a CWS and at about 10m you can't tell. But if you use a bit of sheep dye it takes the "shine" off it. And when they get dirty I think that'll work too.


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It reminds me of the palaver over the desert kit at night. Even in the desert, it didn't work because as soon as it was nighttime it was a case of; "Hey, what are those lightbulbs over there?".

That's where the whole thing of guys wearing CS95 in Iraq / Afghan came about. It started in Iraq because at night it was the only way to do covert Ops and in Afghan because it helped you blend in better during the day and took away the sheen when it was night.
One of the points I always wonder about.
The webbing in the photo is 25mm.

At what range does a pixel in the night sight become bigger than the width of the webbing?

If Terry is close enough to see that level of detail you may have bigger problems.

Visually the webbing will blob into one lump at distance giving a much larger single pixel opportunity. Therefore presenting an opportunity to use simple/cheap IR devices to observe and target.

Hm. All good stuff. I really would like to see some Blackhawk gear. I'm positive their older stuff wasn't IRR.

You know where I'm going in January. So, I'll do the conversion to an old piece of equipment and take it with me to check out the gear that the large manufacturers are offering. If nothing else it'll be interesting when I get thrown off their stands.

People should not poo poo Terrry having NV/IR or Thermal gear it is all out there and it is cheap enough. Any numpty with a degree in electronics can knock up usable working gear.

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