Manual Calculation of NI deduction

Any help with the following will be welcome.

1. Any one know how to do a manual calculation of how much NI deduction should have been paid in year 07/08. My pay has been serially messed up all year and I am now trying to work out if I am due a rebate, which you have to claim for. Therefore I am trying to workout I should have paid vice what I have paid. Currently working on first £5,220 you pay nil. Between £5,520 and £34,840 you pay 11%, 34840+ you pay 1%. When I do the sums it appears that I owe over £600 which in the wrong direction to what i was expecting.

2. I am aware that if you are contracted out of SERPS then you get a reduction of 1.6% (on the 11% only I think). Does this apply to me as a member of AFPS 75.

I have tried the on-line calucators and do not provide me with anything like what I am expecting. Used the above for last years P60 and it came out £500 under so something is a miss.

The 1.6% reduction is off the 11% so on that part you only pay 9.4% This applies to all members of the regulars force on a pensionable engagement


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