Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Contrarian, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. WHAT THE FECK? [/b]
  2. Gay as.

    Not even Rocks would wear those.
  3. Firstly, how the fcuk did you come across this!

    Secondly, how long you been wearing them? Are you a backer of this shite?
  4. For trying to push homosexual cross dressing upon good earthly northern folk I hereby roll out the outrage steam engine.
  5. AAGF


    Heh! We all used to wear tights when on Winter trundling around Munsterlager in the early 70's. Keeps your bits warm and doesn't make your Arrse look big! :p
  6. oh really?

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  7. Pretty obvious what this is all about. Now that the average woman has legs like giant redwood trunks, someone has an enormous quantity of normal-size tights to get rid of. If they succeed in making this a fashion I think I'll need the mess Webley.
  8. Firstly, that's a question I'll be asking the chap who pointed me into the direction of the site. :oops:

    Secondly, only every third Thursday of the month and for, ooh, about 6 months now. Shareholder.

    Quite fetching, me thinks. Especially for MDN.
  9. Ig you're brave enough to drag him in to your little adventure then you're clearly brave enough to wear these things!

  10. There is only one correct way for a gentleman to sport 'hose' .....

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  11. Would they be ok if they were supplied in DPM?............. I doubt it some how.

    If the Army doesn't supply it, then I don't wear it! To a certain extent.

    Well not now. Been out of the colours nine years.
  12. One from schooldays.

    Teacher: What's the difference between stalactites and stalacmites?
    Wideboy: Tights come down Sir! ( 10/10 correct!)