mans POV required?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by leeder91, Feb 22, 2009.

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  1. heya people, im new here so please dnt b mean,

    id like a blokes point of view,,
    ive been wi m bf for lyk 2 years n he gets sex on tap (frm me ov course) n il do pretti much owt he wants,,
    soooo, y is it he has to watch porn when he's away on trainin or wteva,
    im nt big headed bt im nt ugly at all coz i just got scouted to be a model,
    but him doin this makes me feel like im nt doin it 4 him even though he swears im everythin he wants,,

    Is this just a basic man need, that doesnt have owt 2 do wi wt i luk like or our sex lives?

    Id be great full for all your comments, im oni 18 so be kind :)
  2. I'm free next weekend, where do you live.
    I'll bring the camera as it seems it's nothing new to you. :twisted:
  3. Perhaps he just wants someone a bit more rounded; someone who will fulfil him in a much more subtle way, my advice would be go to a good book store into the men section and pick up a nice book and perhaps get a few hints and tips. If I were in your position I would start with something light a bit of easy reading I would suggest the Oxford Dictionary txt speak is just such a turn off you don’t want to come across as some chav mong do you.
  4. Do you speaka da English ?
  5. no it's not, but if yr on about what i think your suggesting then the only camera i go infront of is that of one my bf's behind
  6. Ohhhh shot down on an internet forum. :D
  7. You say your model material but we only have your word for that,

    and that is the crux of the matter- what the lay man would say is "how fit you are" would decide if he is

    wrong to view skank

    so some independent chap would have to determine such a thesis- I am trained in such mattters.

    There will be many who come on looking for your picture but DO NOT trust them

    send me through PM your pictures and exactly what you mean by doing out sexually
  8. sorry people think i came across wrong, i'm not a chav i just type the quickest way i can, i'm actually rather intelligent, but that's not the thing i wanted to discuss on here, i'd be great full if you could please turn your attentions back to my original question,,

    (i hope this script is more to your taste)
  9. 'greatful'
  10. You obviously put it out to him more than you should, he's getting complacent.

    Be a cock tease for awhile and he'll soon stop paying porn so much attention
  11. Now if only you could type like that in the original post we might have been able to understand it. I can't.
  12. oh you no what, i didn't come on here for criticism about how i spell,,if you don't have something helpful for me about what i asked then please don't comment because i don't want time waister's or arguments, thanx

  13. you bastrad

    why would you do that to a fellow bloke
  14. Given that you're allegedly only 18, I'd say that you're trying to fulfill an impossibility, which you'll (hopefully) realise as time progresses.

    In the same way that you like a good letch at other geezers, your fella likes a good letch at other totty. Simple as.

    What you want is his exclusive attention. Sorry, you won't get it, just as he'll never have yours. That's life.

  15. not that it's your business but ive got 11 GCSE's which consist of 5A*3Bs3Cs and im currently studying 4 A levels in business, economics and maths, but i am also slightly immature sometimes so nherr :p