"Mans penis removed from pipe" Daily telegraph

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dogs_bollox, Jan 7, 2010.

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  1. Your mum
  2. Mum said you weren't big enough to get stuck.

    Dad said you sucked like a two dollar wh*re :D :D

    I still miss you uncle Tiny :wink:

  3. What was wrong with cutting the pipe back about half inch short of the head then a well directed elestic band, soon would have "deflated" his ego.
  4. They could have just taken him outside to roll in the snow
  5. I'm sure we're all wondering what diameter the pipe was... 22mm or 3" perhaps?

    And how long before the FB video reaches Youtube...
  6. Worst place I've been stuck up? Ex-wife?
  7. I've never been stuck up. I've always been just a regular down to earth guy.
  8. When it said pipe, I thought it meant a smokers pipe... I had visions of Eric Morecambe with some bloke shagging his pipe whilst he smoked it.

    ...and I couldn't help noticing a link to this picture on that page:

  9. I wasn't the only one then...........Thank Fcuk :oops:
  10. What a nob, dick, c0ck, etc

    coat, taxi

  11. Surely you meant what a "tube" STILTS?

    Excellent, we can share this taxi...
  12. You seem to have a strange knowledge about this sort of thing :)
    did it work for you?
  13. He'd definitely had a visit from the mighty Emperor Mong

    EM Loyal subject, It's a boring Wednesday, why don't you add a little spice to your life by partaking in some form of pipe related sexual activity

    Mystery 40 year old But your grace, surely the diameter of said pipe will not take my blood engorged member

    EM SILENCE, of course it will and you will be able to remove it with ease so that no one will ever discover your tube-esque antics

    Mystery 40 year old brr brr yes fire service please.....

    EM Mwwwaaaaaahhhh