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I think the cnut who's been training dogs to hurl themselves on grenades has some explaining to do. Hardly a natural canine reaction. I could've understood it if Fido had've run off with it in his mouth.


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:lol: Phil, as a professional crime-crusher, I'd have thought the other headlined story would have appealed to you:

Definitely one for a squad room near you.....( and yeah, I know you're gold badge these days... )

Woman Beats up, Disarms Gun-Toting Policeman in Drunken Brawl
Created: 29.08.2005 12:22 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 12:22 MSK


A police officer was badly beaten by a woman who rushed to help her friend wounded minutes earlier by the man in a drunken brawl. The officer was hospitalized with numerous injuries.

The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon in Moscow, a spokesperson for the Moscow prosecutor’s office told Interfax news agency.

Preliminary reports said that a police officer had been drinking alcohol in the company of two women. At some point he quarreled with one of them and fired several shots at her from his pistol wounding her in the leg.

Seeking to avenge her friend another woman attacked the policeman, hit him several times and took his weapon away from him.

The man was hospitalized with a fractured jaw bone and head injuries. The wounded woman was also rushed to a Moscow hospital.

Moscow prosecutors are investigating the incident.

To all you folk thinking about a mail order Russian cutie - whatever you do, don't cross them ! :cool:

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"Fido! Fetch!"

As much as I love dogs (though not in the way it's been discussed in the NAAFI Bar recently), I have a vague doubt that the dog knew what was going on.

When someone throws a tennis ball near your dog, what does it do?

BTW, I can't believe that guy only got 5 1/2 years (sorry, 5.6 years) in prison.
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