Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Muckster, Sep 15, 2005.

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  1. It might be just me, a lonely soul in this big sea, but aren't we getting a bit thin on the ground, where has everybody gone.........
  2. signed off or hiding corners sulking
  3. The Ashes!
  4. They've seen the light and left this rotten carcass for fresh pastures
  5. Couldnt stick another second in some shti hole desert or another of Tony's cock ups.
  6. im at home watching the DVD of the updated version of Battlestar Galactica.
  7. is it any good
  8. very good, better story line, better action scenes, better computer generated stuff, sex scenes and some top chicks.
    So in answer to Mucksters question, Im at home watching this (still).
  9. Always knew you were a multi-tasker... watching DVD's and tip-tapping on arrse...... Any other tricks up yer sleeve
  10. there is one involving a banana, goat, hamster and a QA, the QA bit embarasses Foxy though!
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    What the 'special' version - 'Cyclone Lesbian Sexfest XXX!'?
  12. These figures from the latest British Army Pocketbook by Charles Heyman are already a little dated but give an idea about the way manning is heading-

    UK Army Establishment Figures during June 2004 (Trained Personnel)

    Royal Army Medical Corps Requirement- 2920 Strength- 2665
    Royal Army Dental Corps- Requirement- 420 Strength- 395
    QARANC Requirement- 1035 Strength- 805

    UK Army (Officer) Establishment Figures at 1 January 2005

    Royal Army Medical Corps Establishment- 980 Strength- 860
    Royal Army Dental Corps Establishment- 170 Strength- 150
    QARANC Establishment- 400 Strength- 260

    Of course, this doesn't tell us if certain specialisms or trades are suffering more than others. The shortfall in RAMC officers for instance is almost certainly composed of consultant/SPR grades in various branches of medicine and surgery.
  13. I have been told, though I can't confirm it myself, that recruitment to CMT and HCA CEGs is on target atm. My source tells me that this is because a large number of Commonwealth/Foreign recruits are being directed to AMS, given that lots of other Corps are off limits due to vetting probs. Is this genuine, or just another wild rumour?
  14. Who said that!? Is there someone else out there.......................................?
  15. I believe it's the technical trades that are chronically understaffed - due to long training time, the fact that half the trades were 'sold off' to the RAF and RN :? and the NHS now offers the same/better pay for less of the bullsh1t.