Manning.....why are we being shafted?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Unknown_Callsign, Feb 2, 2010.

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  1. I know that manning is a complex and unstable beast at the best of times. The current climate should, you think, be good for us, however reading the latest report on manning is seems that we are being shafted in order that others benefit.

    " Some cohorts are significantly overmanned whereas others including REME remain under-manned. In order for the Army as a whole not to over shoot the endorsed liability, manning levers have been imposed. "

    Basically we suffer under-manning across the board while others , dare I say it, enjoy a better standard of employment/living because they nick our "figures", and all the time we cannot try to keep what we have and maintain our strength close to our liability because of these manning levers.

    All of this is of course Political will( or lack of it) and economic fixing to justify cuts.

    Question I want to put to you is this, why can't we simply be left alone to meet our liability, which we know we can meet. Have we fucked things up so badly that we can not even fight our own case to get properly manned?
  2. Sign off.
  3. :?

    I take it you are mentally retarded, either that or you can't read.

    I pity you smudge.
  4. Since those at DEME(A) and their sidekicks at MCM Div have monumentally, well and truly, completely and utterly fucked up recently with VEng etc, will they be handing back their Investors in People accreditation back?
    Clearly they don't give a **** about their "people" and hence don't deserve the accreditation. :x
  5. Thats what you get when some REME Officers, on a 2 or 3 year assignment, coming up with allsorts of crazy ideas that will benifit and improve the Corps whilst making a personal impact during their short appointment.

    They don't give a flying fcuk about the poor buggers below them who will no doubt take the full force of the sh1te they have dreamed up whist sitting on the bog that morning and why should they.......they have reached a decent rank, good pay and pension in the bag.

    Career laughing on a DEME(A) visit will then probably gain them promotion, move to their next post only to dream up some more p1sh that will no doubt fcuk someone else over!

    Gents, its dog eat dog in that Officer world, wake up to the fact you are only a number and there are people with pips out there sitting on bogs, as we speak, dreaming up the next great idea that will affect your career!
  6. Within REME, manning is far better than it was several years ago.
  7. Can you expand on this please Phil.
  8. Sod recruiting - why not try harder to keep the experienced personnel we already have? Putting more tradesmen at REME Battalions is a sure way to get people to sign off.

    However, I'm not going to complain if it keeps me in a FTRS post :)
  9. Hence the irony of my "sign off" comment, that was clearly miss-understood.
  10. Sorry smudge, fail to see how your comment "sign off" has in anyway what so ever to do with the question in my first post. Care to prove me wrong?
  11. To be honest.....I can't be arrsed :)
  12. How many people have actually witnessed a severe undermanning first hand?

    I ask this only because I currently serve in a WKSP that is markedly overmanned, particularly with young, fresh Vehicle Mechanics. Saying that, there are no complaints coming from our quarter. If we were "at strength," as it it is deemed by those upon high, I believe we might be struggling with regards to maintaining effectiveness whilst still allowing the lads time to get away on even trade-related courses.
  13. Apart from Rech Mech and Armr, I would'nt say we are severely undermanned, but undermanned accross the board never the less. But the Army as a whole is overmanned, thats why we are being shafted, somebody somewhere is not playing fair.
  14. Sums you up! :p
  15. Its not the manning that is being shafted its all the women. Officers know this and in order to expose and force the corps to focus upon the intra fitter section shaggen practice they plan to force more hands on the spanners (mech type not wonking type). Unfortunately the units that are full of gays catch the rough side.
    :policeflat: :lol: