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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by conco, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone had one of these interviews?

    1. If so did you have a good outcome or was it like just speaking to a
    RCMO (when you can find one)?
    2. Did you get the info you wanted to hear?
    3. Was it worth the trip to Glasgow or did they come to you?

    Any good hints of what to ask when there? Better prepared with shed loads of stuff to ask!
  2. MCM Div (Sldrs) are very honest with Career Manning Point Interviews (CMPI). So prepare yourself for feedback you perhaps don't want to hear. I suspect I know what your 'beef' is and therefore if you are told you need to do a certain job (or even re-visit old ground), then my advice is listen and act accordingly.

    I personally have had an MCM Div CMPI and so if you want specifics, PM me (or phone me)!

    Good luck!
  3. It is all cake and ballbags! Your face fits or it doesn't! You can move Heaven and Earth and if your not in the click, forget it! Or you can be a friggin loser and get promoted ahead of your peers.

    I might apply for a job as a desk officer at MCM when I am a civvy so I can fvck everyone elses postings and promtoions about!

    It's ALL ballbags!
  4. I take it you haven't done too well in the promotion stakes!!! I am surprised, looking at the above post, your powers of argument and command of the English language are so skilled, I would have thought you a dead cert for..........hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..............., maybe LCpl?
  5. Daytona, you would actually be surprised the rank I 'soared' to! I am close to falling off the edge as far as time served goes and my moaning is resultant of having had a bit of an anti 'system' week!

    I managed that sentence without even mentioning a slang word, let alone an obscenity.

  6. Bacon

    Yeah we all have those weeks, just not in Cyprus - that's why I'm always happy :)
  7. Join the RNP

    Same job, less danger, better promotion prospects, more money.
  8. Same job = er, no

    Better promotion prospects = lol, I take it you have not been too successful on the promotion board this year, shame.

    More money = explain please, not sure you have any more knowledge on this subject than you have on nuclear physics.