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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mylittlepony, Aug 23, 2005.

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  1. Has anyone heard the rumour/truth about the future introduction (re-introduction) of the old "brown letter".
  2. Nope. Who would this target and why?
  3. The old system used to have a promotion cut off for all ranks, for example siggies had 7yrs to get their lancejack, lancejacks had 9 years to get there fullscrew and fullscrews had 12 years to get their sgt, if they didn't they got brown lettered. I've asked an RCMO about this, becoz it was mentioned in a "veiled threat" manner on the last MCM div brief when they were talking about the Corps being overmanned (which it is). He was vri shady about it and shyed away from the answer. I've not heard anything concrete, but people are beginning to talk about it more frequently.
  4. I have heard it mentioned in a Royal Signals MCM Div roadshow, but it was a couple of years ago. It sounds like the same "veiled threat"; we've got loads of trade A, not enough trade B, if you trade A guys don't consider transfering we'll come down on you. If you're downgraded you'll get the boot; if you don't pass you BPFA you'll get the flogged and then get the boot; if you fail an APWT you'll be stagging-on as a Fig. 11; if you don't reach a the required rank at a Manning Control Point, standby for your brown letter.
  5. More a threat than fact. Not that should allow soldiers to rest on their lorrals.

    Hope this helps
    PM me if you need more help

    Mr. Keetch: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what plans he has to conduct discharges at manning control point reviews in the next 12 months. [197084]

    Mr. Caplin: There will be no discharges under Queens Regulations for the Army 1975 Paragraph 9.413 in the next 12 months.

    There is a high profile Court case comming soon that has the head shed at APC Glasgow worried about the Brown letter subject.
    Here is the links

    This was a cut n paste from the Torygraph

  6. That is the most straightforward answer i have ever had on this subject. I hope this answers a lot of other peoples questions on this matter. Nice to see that MCM div are sweating,,,i know loads of people who were brown lettered over the last 14yrs,,,i wonder if they know about it aswell.
  7. Mr. Caplin: "There will be no discharges under Queens Regulations for the Army 1975 Paragraph 9.413 in the next 12 months."

    They're in the post now then!!!!
  8. Nah, if they've been sent from Glasgow, then they will either be "stuck in the system",,,,lost by some illustrious member of the AGC,,,or sat in you local Adjt's intray for several months.
  9. Or pinned to your Telic medals, so you should get them sometime around your 22 year point!!

    On a serious note, i've seen alot happen with manning control over the years. One lad received his brown letter as a Sys Op, but was allowed to continue once he retraded to storeman. Another who was brown lettered as a full screw, and came off the Cpl-Sgt board 6 months later, also a 20 year Lancejack who was on my Det in Germany - never had a sniff of a brown letter. From that i assume that unless your around the table at Glasgow, its hard to know what they are basing decisions on.

    Having read quite alot about what Mr Keetch has been asking in parliment, and what the Infantry/Para lads are persuing through the courts, i find it hard to imagine Glasgow wielding the brown letter in anger across the Corps. I even find the vield threat of it hard to understand in these days of litigation.

  10. MCM div go in fits and starts. Remember options for change, not that it affected us that much, then the mass migration of corps personnell to the GSM private sector in the late 90's, then the big recruiting drive, FRI's, etc. Now we are overmanned? Well whose fault is that then!

    You're right, MCM div should know better than to threat the brown letter, but i just wish they would make their minds up. For example they said, no less than a year ago, "if you give notice to terminate, we don't want you back". Too many people used to threaten to sign off, or sign off anyway saying they were unhappy. This used to force the hand of MCM div who would either promote them or post them somewhere where their fanny wouldn't hurt anymore. So, If there is a manning problem, and we don't want people back when they sign off, then why have two people that i know of, signed off, completed resettlement, then been promoted and reinstated in the Regiment. It don't make sense.
  11. I know of techs who have left the Army for months and then come back into the Army and gone to the tech trade.
  12. At the moment there are some 2500 Ex and still serving service men and women that are on the class action from a wide range of trades in the Army. Based on the evidence in the first test case later this year. It will only take the decision of a judge to go against the MOD, to have egg on the face of both ministers and MCM div.
    The Treasury Solicitor for the MOD have not been having a good time in the courts lately. This one could prove to cost them dearly.
  13. No more Financial Retention Incentives for a while then!!!!!!!
  14. who would like to see options for change???? i would - anyone else?