Manning Control Points - legal?

I have lifted this from a Times article on the Current affairs forum.

There were plenty of commanding officers who fought against the orders to “manning control” some of their best men and knew it was wrong. But there were plenty of others who just followed orders and forced good young soldiers to change their contracts or leave to save the MoD the cost of their pension. I wrote the first story on “manning control” on 29 April 2002. It was swiftly followed up by other newspapers and the MoD protested repeatedly that there was nothing wrong with the system. But when the Government was asked in October when the last incident of “manning control” took place, it said in April 2002. They knew they were acting immorally and arguably illegally and the minute they were found out they stopped it.
I was trying to find out what the score is for one of my guys last week. He signed in 2000 and is now on an S type. He is now at the 17 year mark and has been info'd he will be resigning for another three years shortly which would take him to the 21yr mark. I note this isn't the 22yr pensionable mark. Is the system such a bastard that the last year needs justification or can he have his legs cut out from under him by the dear folk at APC?

He says he isn't entitled to ren leave. What are the other implications, anyone? Pension, resettlement?

Are manning control points still used? If not and their status and legality are as dubious as the article makes out, can a soldier who signed one still challange it?

I couldn't get anything out of the RAO.
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