Manning Control Points - How Safe Are We??

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by PapaGolf, Mar 23, 2010.

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  1. The axe is in the air, how safe are the Signals?
  2. Your not safe.....

    ...come to think of it neither am I.

    I'll tell you who is really not safe.
    1. Full screw operators esp those clinging to PTARMIGAN and unwilling to learn BOWMAN.
    2. Full screw class 1 techs.
    3. Full screw electricians (bottleneck in the pyramid).
    4. Anyone the CO doesn't like.
    5. Yer Mum.
  3. They could of course use MCP on those who were promoted in their last year and given 2 years continuance as they would be out now.
  4. MCP can only be used at the old notice engagment spoints of 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 years.... so if you are in your last year, you are outside of the bracket (which finished some 6 years previous).
  5. It has been said that 12 and 15 year points will be the focus for cuts. This does point at the full screw sort of area after looking at the ideal promotion zones in PD6.
  6. How stupid are the people who thought up MCPs ? They must know that after they have kicked out loads of blokes at their 12 year point (who may not have set the world alight but know their job) the people that they were sacrificed to make room for, will sod off in 3 - 4 years when the economy is on the up.

    Now I am not talking about retaining those malingerers that are out there, but there are those who are FE (or whatever it is now) who might not have the qualities of a SNCO but have a lot of experience and are happy to sit at Cpl. They can still contribute and I would rather have a 15 year Cpl than some bloke who is going to stick around for 4 years then sign off because the Comms industry is growing again.
  7. MCPs are designed to remove those whose potential to progress is limited. It is currently only for the 12 – 15 year point. It is also designed to remove personnel who are blocking promotion for those who have the potential to progress further.
    So will MCP affect you? If you are at best average and have limited potential possible yes.
    If you are above average and are being held back by dead wood in the rank above you, then again yes but for you it will be positive.
    However given that a number of key trades are still below strength I doubt we will see whole scale thinning out of personnel. Not wanting to sound too brutal but what we are talking about is removing those who are least potential when against their peers (rank, trade and time served).
  8. I am worried- I'm a Sgt, Infantry, served 13 years so far and i had a leg blown off on OP's. It's clear that i now wont be able to progress as i hoped.

    Although i'm back at work now, it has been a hard battle and it's taken me a long time to come to terms with it. The last thing i need is to wander if i have a brown envelope waiting for me!!!

    Edited to add- I have just realised this is the R SIGNALS forum.
  9. MARK3536 - You will not be subject to MCP. You will be dealt with the under the revised recovery process released back in Feb. Two different issues, two different means to deal with.
  10. I thought that was the case, but when the MOD also release this too it does not help- either way i reckon im fcuked!!!
  11. MARK3536 - have sent you a PM. Have a read if you need anymore give me a shout back.
  12. Contact BAFF.
    If it becomes evident its becoming abuses like it was back in 97 to 2002 then BAFF will act on it.

    :oops: Wrong key setting there. MCP :)
  13. My bold, who can honestly say that we have gotten to the point where there are people being held up ? Maybe in one or two trades, but certainly not at the scale that requires MCPs. The only reason this has been brought in is to ensure that we don't end up over the manning caps. We will end up binning loads of people at their 12 & 15 Yr points in order to make way for people coming through in the recruiting bonanza. What happens when those people who are joining now decide not to serve until the 12 yr point ? We end up with a big experience gap.