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Discussion in 'REME' started by enoch, Jun 23, 2002.

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  1. Why is it every time a posting comes around we all fill out a posting preference form, in the vain hope that one of the three choices we ask for is available?  Why can't records produce a list of available posts??   ???
    It would save alot of wasted paperwork and maybe people would have more chance of going to an area they want to go!!  
    It is 2002 after all, it cant be that much trouble.
  2. Ive got a bloke works for me and a record player, is this forum for me>?
  3. Enoch, if you want to meet the expectations of nigh on 10000 blokes, plus the expectations of , say, 6000 wives AND meet the needs of the MoD, then go for the top job at REME MCM Div. If not, join me in the bar and whinge about the geezer doin it  ;)
    You can please some of the people all of the time....

    A request for special posting is a request, a posting order is an order...
  4. point taken nige, but my point has been missed i think... i am not saying that everyone should get the post they want... or no-one would be in bordon......
    more that it would be good to see what postings are available around the time people are due to go... so we dont waste our time asking for units or areas which just are not available at that time...... nothing more than that

  5. Or you could just keep refusing to wear the units; (Insert any embelishment here) until you get posted to a unit you like!

    No waiting for a pref to be turned down...
  6. Very important - get that posting pref in early - like 6-9 months before you are due posting - no one will tell you to do that, you've got to do it yourself.  Also, any salient info, such as kids at school, learning difficulties etc all need to go to your 2IC.  He/she should ring the relevant desk offr so the scratch pad info on his/her screen is updated.

    Trust me, having been to the sacred corridors of MCM Div, I am so glad that I am not a loggie.  Their MCM Div is run by post-it pad..... no joke.... little yellow pieces of paper with peoples names on them.... and we all know what can happen to little yellow pieces of paper!
  7. ok, my shot. spanner is right. look after yourself, if you know where you want to go, get it in. nowadays you young soldiers are spoilt for people looking after your every whim, 2i/c`c etc. we used to have to look out for ourselves, now all you youngsters expect your mum to be replicated in the army. old soldiers cry .......................................
  8. as usual, you are welcome to email as long as there are no nasty swearwords
  9. Too fcukin true mate! Suggest we all take a big step backward, re-org, re-assess, then about turn and get it sorted.
  10. Some very good points posted, just by way of advice to the newer members of the corps, or older ones who never realised.....

    You MUST look after your own career, if you don't chase it yourself it won't happen.

    If you are in a Wksp of 150 like the two at What-a-shame and various other large REME sub-units, and have only an OC, 2i/c and AEO then you must highlight issues and problems which could affect future postings. Your 2i/c can only let your MCM desk officer know if you tell them, it saves loads of phone calls and wingeing when you get NI and your kid can only go to a special needs school in Andover - capeesh?

    Also, no matter what anyone says, put a pref in every year. If you don't have a current one in they will look at the front cover of your last CR, and we all know that many don't want to go to where their boss thinks they should....

    If your an Aviation Tech of some kind... Tough you knew you would spend most of your career at Wattisham when you signed on the dotted line.
  11. Some good points made in earlier posts on this thread.

    Now ex REME after 24 years and for a large part of my service the question of a list of places available to put down on a PP form was raised. It does seem strange that they always ask you where you want to go but when you aske them where is available they cannot/will not respond.

    As previously posted, it is in your interest to look after your career and get your PP forms in early.
  12. Another thing that people need to understand is that there are probably a lot of people out there who are trying for the same number of posts. The north of england (in particular the n-e) is massively popular, and accounts for a large percentage of people's aspirations. However, there are very few posts there, (even less since the change from REME Bn to CSS Bn) hence a degree of competition.

    The shift towards regional "goose eggs" should go someway to satisfying people's ambitions to be in a certain area, but I would still reiterate that people have to be flexible and accept that they are not always going to get what they want first time around.

    One last point is that it helps if people don't change their minds all the time - have had a few folk who change their posting prefs purely on the basis of which bird they had been involved with on the last run back to blighty.

    The system works, but not always in your favour.