Manning and Records (open door policy or not)

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by wevers, Apr 21, 2009.

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  1. Let put this question to you, Why is it as a SNCO who is fast approaching his 22 year point I am still not able to contact MCM Div direct without being chastised and spoken to like a naughty school boy.

    Surely records should be there to help us effectively manage what may be deemed as "our own careers" and offer us guidance should we simply like to ask the question "Is there any news on my assignment order as I am due out of post in xx months"

    If we dare to pick up the phone and ask such a question it is fast followed by a phone call by Major Angry implying you are not worthy to speak to his staff and who the hell do you think you are for trying to keep track of your own career when there are desk officers who are paid to badly manage it for you...

    Should we have an open door policy with Records or is it just me?

    I'll await the bombardment :wink:
  2. phone usually comes from EX major ........, you left the army FELLA you are a MR now get over it.

    other corps do have an open door policy with handbrake house but i fear the corps will not any time soon & almost certainly not in the few months that i have left to serve.
  3. It would be nice but I can't see it happening any time soon.
  4. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I've never worked in APC Glasgow but I reckon the argument might go along the lines of:

    There are 1930 WOs and SNCOs in the Corps (believe me!)

    Say each one phones APC twice a year for a career chat, and that call lasts say 30 mins each. That is 1930 hours of phone call.

    At 6 hours a day (realistic - allowing for breaks etc) that is a APC desk officer on the phone continuously for 320 days - effectively non stop for a working year.

    So I reckon the argument might be that if the desk staff spend all their time on the phone to individuals (rather than a few RCMOs) then they wouldn't have the time to think about really novel ways to inconvenience you on posting!
  5. It is the same across the board for all Corps, they are absolute Cnuts up there when you ring. Keeping all the best postings for Ex Buddies no doubt, no wonder the same mongs in our Corp keep getting Gucci Staff postings/embassy postings, fckuing arse ******* cnuts! However if you want to ever stitch up a whinging crowbag, do as i did when they continued moaning about not being promoted and tell Her to ring APC MCM Div to ask why!

    A call to the Unit from one pissed off Col at MCM Div bollocking the RAO and that Crowbag never mentioned promotion again, or got one for that fact he he!

    Bitter no not me Sir!!!
  6. Stop whining wevs! Call that a career? You sold your soul and went to the Dark Side :D
  7. But the power of the Dark Side is strong!! :wink:
  8. Don't I know it! Still, look at all the great sunshine posting opportunities that the Dark Side has to offer....oh hang on..some other tw*t got YOU!
  9. You reckon it's great are sadly mistaken. I would happily trade with you in a heartbeat...
  10. Many a moon ago a young sapper in 24 at chattenden had a bright idea, pop home to Glasgae, find out where REMRO was (it was that then) wait outside, check out where ladies of the house (kentigern sic) drink on a friday- note said establishment and visit on next leave

    so the plan hatche doff he trotted, thoguht balls do it inone hit, watch wait drink 9and boy could he drink)

    to cut a long story short-thats a first

    he met lass, they got wed, then he was psoted to washington for three years to be followed by cyprus then belize, now far be it from me to suggest that his good lady's former colleague had owt to do with it!

    But Mrs Ftr worked in KH and it DiD go on in her area, wont even tell you where i ended up!:)
  11. I've only got the one question for them,
    Im downgraded and keep getting told that I wont get promoted
    because of this, if its true can i have it in writing please, as a policy
    would be nice also.
    Just so I can watch all the downgraded leave when they realise
    that they have no career and the Corps is quite happy to send us on tour but wont
    promote us as we cant run a bft/pft/bpfa or whatever the hell it is in 7 mins flat.
    Bitter you better believe it especially as im in hospital AGAIN tomorrow for another knee op CNUTS!!!!!!!!
  12. well said heart stopper
  13. time to become "H.O." then & fly a desk for your last couple of years H_S.

    personnally i do not think that the people at Handbrake House in glasgow would give a flying fcuk if all the "broken" lads left but i doubt that it will ever happen as the army would never be able to handle the amount of claims against the MOD that would hit at the same time.

    thank fcuk i only have a few months left & then they will be getting my claim across their desks.

    "better in.... than out" just let me think about that. nadda.
  14. Ha Ha knocker you know as well as I do that all the gobbing off in the world wont stop me sitting on the plane with the rest of the lads making sure they get what they need when they need it (and a few extras :wink: :D ) I will always deploy as sitting on camp kills me I can never understand when blokes want to do rear party, I would just rather have it in writing that my career is dead instead of the carrot dangling but hey ho after next years board im out of zone and in couldntgiveashitstrasse 8)